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Brand Culture

Brand Culture,It refers to the deep and rich cultural connotation of a brand, the establishment of a distinctive brand positioning, and the full use of various strong and effective internal and external communication channels to form a high degree of consumer recognition of the brand in spirit, create brand beliefs, and finally form a strong brand loyalty. With brand loyalty, we can win customer loyalty, win a stable market, greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and provide a strong guarantee for the successful implementation of brand strategy.
Brand power depends on the cultural connotation of the brand.

Brand culture is the cultural accumulation of the brand gradually formed in the operation, which represents the benefit cognition and emotion belonging of enterprises and consumers, and is the sum of brand, traditional culture and enterprise personality image. Different from the internal cohesion of corporate culture, brand culture highlights the external publicity and integration advantages of enterprises, effectively transmits the corporate brand concept to consumers, and then occupies the minds of consumers. Brand culture is the essence of enterprise that is condensed on the brand.

The so-called brand culture refers to the cultural accumulation gradually formed in the operation of the brand, which represents the brand's own values and world outlook. Image, that is, after the brand personification, it holds the mainstream view. Furthermore, it is a kind of culture that can reflect consumers' spiritual recognition and resonance, and make them believe in the brand for a long time, and can form a strong brand loyalty. In a popular way, for example, the sculpture of folk mythological figures, the physical goods are compared with the sculpture itself, and the brand culture is compared with the characters that are talked about in the mythological stories.

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