Foshan Yuhai Screw Machinery Co. LTD
Yuhai Machinery appeared at the 2015 Chongqing Fastener Exhibition
Date: 2020-10-16 15:11:41

The 15th China Fastener Spring and Equipment Exhibition in Chongqing, which will be held on April 16-18, 2015, is the first choice for domestic fastener spring and equipment companies to seize the western market and expand users to discuss cooperation and seek common development. Important platform. Foshan Yuhai Screw Machinery Co., Ltd., Foshan, Guangdong Province, will bring multi-function cold heading machines, die heading machines, high-speed heading machines, high-speed thread rolling machines and other equipment to participate in the 2015 Chongqing Fastener Exhibition, providing Western fastener companies Excellent production equipment and technical services.

Guangdong Yuhai specializes in the production of screw machinery and equipment. The main products of the company's screw machines: multi-function cold heading machine, die opening and closing heading machine, high-speed heading machine, high-speed thread rolling machine, trimming machine, tail hole machine, nail drawing machine , Rolling machine, wire drawing machine.

Multi-position cold heading machine products include two-die three-stroke cold heading machine, two-die four-stroke cold heading machine, three-die three-stroke cold heading machine. Four-die four-stroke cold heading machine; one-die two-stroke heading machine products include multi-function Mold opening and closing secondary molding heading machine, furniture screw heading machine, ultra-deep hole heading machine, high-speed heading machine, high-speed tail hole heading machine, high-difficulty heading machine; thread rolling machine products include high-speed thread rolling machine, automatic thread rolling machine, Automatic straightening and cutting thread rolling machine, hand-held thread rolling machine, non-standard thread rolling machine, hopper blanking thread rolling machine, vibrating plate blanking thread rolling machine, high-speed vertical automatic bar thread rolling machine; nail puller products include Aluminum nail puller, aluminum pull nail assembly machine, nail making machine; rolling thread machine products include two-roll thread rolling machine, three-wheel thread rolling machine; wire drawing machine products include wire drawing machine, tip pressing machine, peeling machine, butt welding machine .

  The company's concurrent products include: straightening and cutting machines, buttoning machines, chaining machines, polishing drum machines, de-oiling machines, milling machines, stainless steel heaters, vibrating feed trays, screw molds, machine parts, etc.

Yuhai company has R&D technology experience, extensively absorbs advanced technology from Taiwan, Japan, Germany, etc., deeply integrates the processing needs of modern screw industry, continuous improvement and improvement; adopts the latest processing technology, precise assembly and debugging technology, and strict quality Testing, product quality, stable performance, providing excellent services to customers, won the industry's unanimous praise.

   Welcome people in the industry to visit and negotiate!


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