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The development of machine tools has entered a new normal
Date: 2020-10-16 15:10:57


 Starting from the second half of 2011, my country's machine tool industry began a three-and-a-half year adjustment. In the natural adjustment of the structure of machine tools, compared with the peak in 2010, the production and sales levels of heavy-duty machine tool companies have fallen to 20 to 30%. In addition, the second characteristic of industry changes is that the demand for low-end machine tools has dropped significantly. Low-end machine tools mainly refer to non-CNC machine tools. Compared with the peak in 2011, the production and sales levels of this type of machine tools have also dropped to two to thirty percent. On the basis of this structural adjustment, the export market has become a highlight of my country's machine tool sales.

   With the machine tool market falling from a high position, it also means the end of the development stage characterized by "large but not strong, severe overcapacity at the low end, and severe shortage of high-end supply capacity". In the new stage of development, the development characteristics of the industry will shift from high speed to high quality and high efficiency, which is becoming the new normal of the machine tool industry in the future.

   After structural adjustments in recent years, the production and sales levels of heavy-duty machine tool enterprises and low-end machine tools have dropped to a certain extent. The reason is that in the past ten years, the rapid development of energy equipment, raw materials, infrastructure and real estate industries has directly driven the development of the heavy-duty machine tool industry. At that time, the most popular products in the industry were also heavy-duty machine tools. The stage of economic development has changed. In the past two years, some people have been waiting for the market to recover, but this is impossible. This stage has passed. The shrinking of the low-end machine tool market reflects the upgrading of the demand structure. One of the reasons is that the industry upgrades in the user field, and the required equipment will naturally be upgraded, so the threshold for machine tools is getting higher and higher. Another reason is the change in the structure of labor demand. The reversal of the structure of labor supply and demand has caused a shortage of labor in the machinery manufacturing industry. This also reflects from the side that my country has passed the threshold of the industrialization of CNC machine tools. In the past, the numerical control rate still existed as an evaluation index, but now, whether it is on the manufacturing side or the user side, numerical control machine tools have been popularized. 

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