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RIGOL's first e-commerce exclusive oscilloscope
Date: 2020-10-16 15:01:20


  In order to meet the requirements of the majority of electronics enthusiasts and engineers for basic testing, and to save product circulation costs, so that everyone can enjoy a more affordable price, RIGOL has specially launched e-commerce exclusive products, including two digital oscilloscopes, DS1054Z and DS1102U. These two products are only sold on online platforms.

   RIGOL DS1054Z digital oscilloscope comes standard with four channels, 50MHz bandwidth, 1Gs/s sampling rate, and the price is only RMB 2580. This positioning broke the price threshold of a 4-channel oscilloscope in one fell swoop, enabling the basic instrument to have better performance and preferential prices.

In addition, DS1054Z also has a perfect fluorescent display effect. It not only clearly displays various modulation signals, but also provides information about the probability of abnormal signals; it also has a standard 12M storage depth, which is the highest level in the same class of oscilloscopes and can be captured Longer waveforms and more signal details can be expanded to 24M with the addition of options. In terms of measurement function, DS1054Z can provide 24 kinds of automatic measurement functions, can display 5 test parameters at the same time, and provide statistical analysis of test results; and pass/fail template test function, which can be used for long-term monitoring and production line test applications. After adding options, DS1054Z can also provide 60,000 frames of hardware waveform recording and playback functions and serial bus triggering and decoding functions, and can support I2C, SPI, RS232/UART bus triggering and decoding.

   Another e-commerce monopoly product launched by RIGOL is a classic dual-channel DS1102U digital oscilloscope with 100MHz bandwidth and 1Gs/s sampling rate at a price of 1,580 yuan. In addition to its cost-effective advantages, this product also has various practical functions: it has a unique alternate trigger function, which can stably display and analyze two signals of different frequencies; it also has a software-implemented waveform recording function (recording up to 1000 frames of waveform ), standard pass/fail test function, trigger circuit sensitivity adjustable function, etc. In order to facilitate the operation, it has an online help function, so people who are not familiar with it can easily learn all the operations. 

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