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New coating technology makes paper cups degradable and recyclable
Date: 2020-10-16 14:59:29


At present, about 200 billion paper cups are consumed globally every year, but the recycling of paper cups will incur high costs or greatly reduce the quality of paper fibers. When the paper cups with EvCote coating are recycled, the quality of the paper fibers is intact, which means that these paper cups can be used to produce other paper products. Even in some cases, EvCote coatings can make paper fibers tougher. Another advantage of this technology is that it allows paper mills to recycle 100% of the waste paper produced during the production of paper cups. All of these waste papers were originally sent to the garbage dump for landfill, which will bring great benefits to paper cup factories. Big cost savings.

   95% of the raw materials of EvCote coatings come from environmentally friendly and renewable materials, which can make the surface of the paper waterproof, grease-proof and moisture-proof. The technology can also be applied to a variety of other products, such as corrugated boxes, folding cartons, beverage cartons and food packaging. Gil Sherman, Akzo Nobel Paper Coatings Business Development Manager, added: “For paper cup manufacturers, paper is a very high single cost, so the recycling of waste paper means a win-win for economic and environmental benefits. Through bio-based PET With the development of EvCote technology, we provide customers with alternatives to petroleum-based PE (polyethylene) film, which means that we can get rid of the dependence on the petroleum supply chain."

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