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my country's liquid food packaging machinery has unlimited potential
Date: 2020-10-20 14:53:52


  With the rapid development of my country's economy, the purchasing power level and consumption willingness of domestic residents have gradually increased, and the consumption concept will tend to further improve the quality of life. The market demand for liquid foods such as beverages, alcohol, edible oil and condiments will also grow steadily along with economic development and the improvement of people's living standards. In the long run, my country's liquid food industries such as beverages, alcohol, edible oil and condiments still have a lot of room for growth, especially the improvement of consumption power in rural areas will greatly stimulate their consumption of liquid foods such as beverages. In short, the rapid development of downstream industries and people’s pursuit of quality of life will inevitably require companies to invest in corresponding packaging equipment to meet the needs of production. At the same time, they will also put forward higher requirements for the high-precision, intelligent, and high-speed level of packaging machinery. Therefore, my country's liquid food packaging machinery will present a broader market prospect.


  Relevant data show that the food and beverage industry occupies an important position in the national economy. It also accounts for a large investment in the world. At the same time, it is the largest buyer of packaging machinery, accounting for about 60% of the share.


   Recently, the German trade association VDMA stated that the world's packaging machinery has been increasing for many years. In 2008, the global packaging machinery market reached 14.6 billion euros (approximately 20.6 billion US dollars). In 2009, the economic recession suppressed the decline in demand and exports. However, since 2010, the global market began to improve. Global industrial analyst GIA report shows that the global packaging machinery market in 2010 reached 32.5 billion U.S. dollars. Driven by the demand of emerging markets, it is estimated that sales in 2015 will exceed 40 billion U.S. dollars. MPI Group reports that although manufacturing plants around the world continue to reduce production capacity, nearly half of the companies plan to increase expenditures on production equipment. MPT specifically mentioned that distributed servo technology systems that reduce energy consumption will be a trend in packaging machinery.  


   As we all know, the application of filling machines can realize high-volume production of food, medicine, and daily chemical companies, and then help production companies achieve the purpose of high-speed production. The past system of the filling production line has many shortcomings, including high procurement costs, large and heavy equipment, difficult installation, and high maintenance costs.


Now, the defects of the filling production line have been replaced by advanced technology and new filling production line systems. More and more companies are beginning to pay attention to and use the filling machine production line, and they are beginning to realize the benefits of the filling production line. . The filling production line plays an important role in food, medicine, and daily chemical production enterprises. Optimizing the filling production line is directly related to the quality of the product and the efficiency of production, so it has become a topic that major manufacturers have to pay attention to.    

   Through simulation, the introduction of modified plastic technology and capital, and global procurement, the production level of packaging machinery in my country and the level of industrial design can be carried out quickly. However, the appearance of foreign companies' monopoly still exists. At the same time, many companies are not focused on producing a single product. The demand for packaging machinery is not limited to only one variety. It is not difficult to predict that the mainstream development direction of the packaging machinery industry in the future should be energy-saving, recyclable, high-tech and intelligent. At present, the vertical packaging machine, secondary packaging machine, bag-feeding packaging machine, heavy bag packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, packaging production line, automatic weighing machine and other packaging technology levels made in China are in the forefront of the world. Of course, the world's top packaging technology must be realized. , Still need to continuously improve the level of research and development and optimize packaging technology.   


Beverage packaging is an indispensable part of the beverage market. Under the situation that the trend of beverages continues to rise, the prospects seem to be promising. However, due to the impact of price wars in the beverage market, beverage companies including internationally renowned brands have almost controlled packaging costs. Harshness makes domestic beverage packaging manufacturers almost no profit at all. At the same time, being squeezed by profits from the upstream industry (raw materials), competition in the same industry, and downstream companies (customers), and the severe test of the era of meager profits in the packaging industry, companies with weak economic strength will face greater pressure to survive. It will also expand the scale of the industry through mergers and reorganizations to improve overall competitiveness.  


The domestic liquid food packaging machinery market competition in my country is characterized by three levels: high, medium and low-end: the low-end market is mainly composed of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, which produce a large number of low-level, low-grade, and low-priced products. A large number of them are distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and other regions; the mid-market are companies with certain economic strength and new product development capabilities, but their products are more imitated, less innovative, and the overall technical level is not high, and the products are automated The level is low, and it is impossible to enter the high-end market. In the high-end market, there have been companies that can produce medium and high-end products. Some of their products have reached the international advanced level and can compete with similar products of large multinational companies in the domestic market and some overseas markets. The market engages in positive competition, such as Jiangsu Xinmeixing and Guangzhou Tech-Long. According to the research report on beverage packaging machinery industry trends and investment opportunities, in general, my country is still in fierce competition in the low-end market, and imports in the high-end market are still large. With the continuous research and development of domestic new products, continuous breakthroughs in new technologies, and domestic production The equipment has a significant cost-effective advantage, and the market share of imported equipment in my country's liquid food packaging machinery market will decrease year by year. Instead, the export capacity of domestic equipment will increase.


In the increasingly competitive market environment, if the market dynamics and development trends of the industry development cannot be accurately studied, technical upgrades and business model innovations will be carried out in a timely manner, along with the continuous development and growth of other small and medium-sized enterprises and the acceleration of foreign manufacturers to set up factories in China The localized operation of China's liquid beverage machinery enterprises will face greater market competition risks.

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