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Date: 2021-11-26 14:50:25


Pull studs, also known as blind rivets, are a type of single-sided riveting, but a special tool—a nail gun (manual, electric, pneumatic) must be used for riveting. This type of rivet is especially suitable for riveting occasions where it is inconvenient to use ordinary rivets (riveting from both sides), so it is widely used in construction, automobiles, ships, airplanes, machinery, electrical appliances, furniture and other products. Among them, the open-type oval-head pull studs are the most widely used. The countersunk pull studs are suitable for riveting applications that require smooth performance. The closed-type pull studs are suitable for riveting with higher load and certain sealing performance. occasion.


Ordinary open core pull studs, open type, countersunk (flat head) pull studs, wire pull studs, cup pull studs, single/dual drum pull studs

Closed core pull studs (also called waterproof pull studs) The main materials of closed countersunk core pull studs are aluminum, iron, stainless steel, and copper.

Other categories of open pull studs, single, double drum studs, hippocampus studs, light music studs


Business Scope:

Multi-function cold heading machine, high-speed heading machine, open and close die heading machine, high-speed thread rolling machine, trimming machine, tail drilling machine, nail puller, nail making machine, thread rolling machine, wire drawing machine, etc.



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