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Semi-tubular rivets
Date: 2021-11-26 14:49:38


The upper and middle parts of the rivet cylinder are of solid structure, and the tail part is of hollow structure. During installation, the hollow part of the tail part is squeezed and turned outwards to form a buckle to fix the connecting piece.


Half round head hollow rivets (color plated)

Countersunk semi-tubular rivets (red bronze plated)

Flat head semi-tubular rivets (copper plated)

Semi-hollow rivets (blue and white zinc plating)

Semi-hollow rivets (chrome plated)

Semi-hollow rivets (copper plated)



Hollow rivets are usually used in clothing, footwear and other industries. Solid cores need to be riveted again. They are often used for connecting heavy workpieces. They are often non-detachable. Semi-hollow rivets are the most widely used. The beam opening (smaller tail) uses hard wire. Manufacture, can penetrate steel plate within 0.5mm thickness without pre-holes, and rivets cannot be bent and deformed. They are widely used in password boxes, suitcases and military bags. Hollow nails (semi-hollow rivets) are made of flexible wire, and riveting is generally required. It cannot be cracked afterwards, and there are many types. Nowadays, semi-hollow nails or composite nails have been used to replace the shafts on some toys on a large scale, which can greatly reduce the production cost. Core pull and core rivets are mostly used for riveting of thinner and soft materials. Generally, the requirements are not strict, and the materials used for manufacturing are usually produced by materials with better plasticity.

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