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Surface treatment process of non-standard bolts
Date: 2020-10-20 14:41:15


Surface treatment types of non-standard bolts:

Surface treatment is the process of forming a covering layer on the surface of the workpiece through a certain method. Its purpose is to give the product surface a beautiful and anti-corrosion effect. The surface treatment methods performed are attributed to the following methods:

1. Electroplating: Immerse the electroplated parts in an aqueous solution containing the metal compound to be deposited, and pass an electric current through the plating solution to precipitate and deposit the electroplated metal on the parts. General electroplating includes zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, copper-nickel alloy, etc.

Sometimes boiled black (bluish), phosphating, etc. are also included.

2. Hot-dip galvanizing: It is completed by immersing the carbon steel parts in a molten zinc plating tank with a temperature of about 510℃. The result is that the iron-zinc alloy on the surface of the steel gradually becomes passivated zinc on the outer surface of the product. Hot-dip aluminum plating is a similar process.

3. Mechanical plating: impact the surface of the product through the particles of the coated metal, and cold weld the coating to the surface of the product.

Cold forging machines currently include one-die two-punch, two-die two-punch, two-die three-punch, two-die four-punch, three-die three-punch, open and close die, etc., to make all kinds of screw products, such as woodworking screws, self-tapping screws, Fiberboard nails, drywall screws, various rivets, axle parts, etc., from simple types to various types with complex structures-the head and handle can be formed by a cold heading machine.86-1.jpg

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