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Common sense of machining imported taps
Date: 2020-10-20 14:40:41

Common sense of machining imported taps


1. Spiral taps: For tapping operations of cut materials with no-through holes, the spiral taps will give play to its unique cutting effect and cut the most advanced threads for you quickly and smoothly. Spiral taps are different from ordinary hand taps. However, the grooves of ordinary hand taps are linear, while the spiral taps are spiral. When tapping, the spiral taps can easily discharge iron filings out of the hole due to the upward rotation of the spiral groove. , So as to avoid iron filings or jamming in the groove, causing the screw cone to break the edge of the chip, so it can increase the life of the tap and cut the highest precision thread. Spiral tap is suitable for cutting high-toughness materials. Suitable for cast iron, materials such as chips into finely broken pieces (N--SP/HC-SP/N+SP, S-SP)

2. Tip taps: For tapping operations where the through holes are cut, the tip taps will exert its unique cutting effect to cut the highest level of thread for you quickly and smoothly. The tip taps are mainly used for various through-hole materials. The thread is cut, and the tip tap has the same linear groove as the general hand tap, but there is a specially designed spiral groove at the front end of the cutting part, which is discharged from the bottom of the hole by rotating push cutting. The tap has the function of rotating and discharging chips. In addition to keeping the groove clean to reduce the resistance during cutting, it can also avoid damage to the tap due to cutting clogging. Therefore, the tip tap can be more than ordinary hand taps. Fast speed to cut high-precision threads (N-PO/HC-PO/N+PO, S-PO)

3. Extrusion taps without iron filings: The taps without grooves are plastic forming methods, which are pressed and ground in the lower hole to bulge the material to be cut to form threads, so there will be no chipping or damage due to chip blockage and other problems. Thread or wire taps, non-groove wire taps are most suitable for processing plastic materials, such as aluminum, copper, zinc, and low carbon steel. There are two types of non-groove wire taps. Standard N-RS (below M6) ) (Pointed tip), N-RZ (above M8) (flat tip), N-RS, N-RZ are based on ISO specifications, with short teeth, suitable for tapping of shallow holes, and cutting parts for non-groove taps. There are two types of four threads and two threads. When using a non-groove tap, the size of the lower hole needs to be selected according to its accuracy requirements, so that high-precision and high-quality threads can be molded.

4. Special taps for pipes: pipe taps for cast iron are specially designed for thread tapping of cast iron. They not only have unique designs for the heat treatment of steel, the angle of cutting angle, etc., but also have IN on the surface. Treatment to enhance its wear resistance. There are three series of wire taps for cast iron pipes: PF, PS and PT

one. Features of each screw tap:

1. Appropriate design of the thread part can reduce the burden of the tap during tapping and increase the life of the tap

2. The high precision of the overall configuration and size of the screw tap is more suitable for precision machining and high-speed machining

3. The change of screw tapping configuration (I 2 Type-I 3Type)

two. Overall performance analysis

1. According to the actual cutting test results, the service life of the performance-enhancing screw taps is about 30% longer than that of the general standard products.

2. The improvement of the various elements of the performance-enhancing screw tap is effective for the improvement of the performance and precision of the tap.

3. YAMAWA's N+ series screw taps have high precision of overall configuration, shape and size, and improve the accuracy of internal thread processing, which is more in line with the current high-speed processing trend. 

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