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Comparison of automatic and manual oil injection
Date: 2020-10-20 14:39:19


  my country's lubrication equipment management and lubrication technology lag behind western industrialized countries, and most industries still stay in the traditional way of the 20th century, that is, manual oil injection is not subject to delicate management. my country's industrial enterprises are connecting with the international track, absorbing development trends, and after joining the World Trade Organization, the quality and delivery time of their products have received strong attention. Efficient lubrication management products are also being valued by many people of insight.


  Lubrication equipment management is generally inseparable from the oil injection method and the use of oil injection equipment. Generally speaking, there are two oil injection methods, manual oil injection and automatic oil injection. There is a big difference between the two. Manual lubrication is like taking care of a child, taking care of it all the time and paying attention to the fullness of the lubrication; while the automatic lubrication is convenient to use, equivalent to a robot, as long as a series of elements are set, the operation is fully automatic. This is still a minor one. The main difference is that automatic lubrication can make the machinery and equipment receive a uniform degree of lubrication at all times.


  Take bearing lubrication as an example. As we all know, the purpose of bearing lubrication is to reduce frictional resistance, reduce wear, as well as vibration absorption, cooling (temperature reduction), rust prevention, and sealing. The quality of the lubricant and the amount of injection play a big role. The filling amount of grease is generally not more than one-third of the bearing space. Too much grease will affect heat dissipation. On the contrary, if the amount of oil is too small or oil loss, it will shorten the service life of the bearing.


   If manual oil injection is used, with a strong sense of responsibility and no omissions throughout the year, the oil injection volume of the lubrication part is in the next phase of the cycle.


The automatic lubrication will always complete the lubrication in the normal stage based on the above conditions. We can choose the same part and the same running bearing for temperature tracking test, and compare the temperature difference throughout the year to verify the effect of manual lubrication and automatic lubrication on the bearing Impact. Several lubrication points of the same equipment often have inconsistent requirements for oil injection. This difference in demand is more likely to be ignored by manual oil injection.


  What companies pursue is the reduction of material costs and the increase of industrial benefits. Implement scientific and technological management and establish a sense of cost management, so as to reach a consensus with the enterprise.

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