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Several common methods of forging heat treatment process
Date: 2020-10-20 14:33:45


The so-called forging heat treatment refers to the heat treatment after high temperature deformation, that is, the workpiece blank is placed in a heating furnace and heated to the forging temperature. After heat preservation, the workpiece blank undergoes austenitization transformation, and then deforms during the forging process. After forging, pre-cooling or isothermally to the temperature we need according to different materials, and choosing the corresponding cooling method according to different process requirements to obtain the organization and mechanical properties we need.  

   There are four common forging waste heat treatment methods in daily life: forging waste heat quenching, forging waste heat quenching and tempering, forging waste heat normalizing and forging waste heat annealing. 

1. Forging waste heat quenching: deformation occurs during the forging process, and the final forging is completed. The cooling method after pre-cooling according to different materials or isothermally to our required temperature adopts water or oil rapid cooling to obtain a quenched martensite-based structure , Is the waste heat quenching.

2. Forging waste heat quenching and tempering: Put the workpiece blank in a heating furnace to heat to the forging temperature, and then forge after heat preservation. After the final forging, pre-cool or isothermally according to different materials to the quenching temperature we need, select the corresponding The quenching medium is quenched and cooled to obtain a structure dominated by quenched martensite. Then it is tempered at high temperature to get the mechanical properties we need. The residual heat quenching and tempering of forgings can improve the tensile strength, yield strength, impact fatigue resistance, plasticity, fracture toughness, and reduce the temper brittleness of alloy structural steels and reduce the cost compared with conventional quenching and tempering.  

3. Forging residual heat normalizing: deformation occurs during the forging process, and the final forging is completed. According to different materials, pre-cooling or isothermally to the temperature we need, we choose to cool in the air to obtain a sorbite-based structure, which is the residual heat fire.  

4. Forging waste heat annealing: deformation occurs during the forging process, and the final forging is completed. According to different materials, it is pre-cooled or isothermal to our required temperature and then cooled in the furnace or slow cooling pit to obtain the distribution on the ferrite matrix. The flaky or spherical carbide-based structure is annealed by waste heat.

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