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Foreign trade bill of lading
Date: 2020-10-20 14:30:46

Bill of lading (Bill of lading), I believe that foreign trade is no stranger to you, but do you really master the knowledge of the bill of lading, or just stay on the surface knowledge? Today, I have sorted out some things on the bill of lading that you may not know, so that you who are still in the fog can get out of the fog as soon as possible.

  Our most common bills of lading are forwarder's bill of lading, ship owner's bill of lading, barge bill of lading and ship's bill of lading. The forwarder bill of lading (HOUSE B/L OR FORWARDER B/L), as the name implies, is a bill of lading issued by the forwarder. The master bill of lading (MASTER B/L) is the bill of lading issued by the shipping company.

Compared with the owner’s bill of lading, the freight forwarder’s bill of lading is more operative and flexible. Some things that cannot be displayed on the owner’s bill of lading can be displayed on it as long as the forwarder cooperates. This can avoid some related bills of lading for customers who do L/C. The discrepancy. For example, some letters of credit will require the bill of lading to display the words "freight collect", but the bill of lading issued by the shipping company will definitely not be accepted, which will cause discrepancies. The shipowner’s bill of lading is the most formal bill of lading, but there are many restrictions. In particular, the content displayed on the bill of lading can only be displayed in accordance with the shipping company’s regulations. There is no room for negotiation, and the issuance of the bill is relatively slow. When the order is submitted, it can only be in a hurry.

   Regarding which bill of lading to choose, we must first consult the customer to see if the customer has any requirements. If not, we can choose which order to issue according to the actual situation. If you are a customer of a letter of credit, you must see if the letter of credit indicates which type of bill of lading is required, or which type of bill of lading is not accepted.

   Barge bill of lading, the bill of lading shows the name and voyage of the barge, the date of embarkation is the date of embarkation on the barge, and the large vessel bill of lading shows the name and voyage of the vessel, and the embarkation date shows the date of embarkation. This is basically not required for ordinary TT customers, but for customers who do letter of credit, especially Bangladesh customers, if they need a ship certificate, they can only issue a large bill of lading, because barges are generally small inland vessels , Does not have the qualifications for an ocean-going vessel certificate.

   In addition, many friends will have questions about the use of the embarkation date. Why do you want to ask the forwarder? This is needed to make a certificate of origin or some other documents. Because of the provisions of the certificate of origin, the issuance date and application date on the certificate of origin cannot be later than 7 days after the date of shipment, otherwise it will become a post-issued certificate, and the date of shipment refers to the date of embarkation shown on the bill of lading .

   The bill of lading is not only a proof of shipment, but many of the details above may be related to whether your shipment can be exported smoothly. No matter how much you know about the bill of lading now, knowing as much as possible about the knowledge on the bill of lading can help you have a good heart and grasp the overall situation when shipping. 


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