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How will it affect auto parts
Date: 2020-10-20 14:30:04

A few days ago, the State Council officially released the “Made in China 2025” action plan (the “plan”). The plan puts forward the main indicators for manufacturing in 2020 and 2025 in four categories: innovation capability, quality and efficiency, integration of industrialization and industrialization, and green development. The future development of the manufacturing industry points the way. This is my country's program of action for the first ten years of implementing the strategy of making a strong country.

   Without a strong manufacturing industry, there would be no country and nation prosperous. In the same way, auto parts are an important part of my country's manufacturing industry. Without strong auto parts, it is impossible to truly build a powerful automobile nation. The plan pointed out that the current deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing is triggering far-reaching industrial changes, forming new production methods, industrial forms, business models and economic growth points. Auto parts are also in this era background. Therefore, the proposal of the plan also pointed out the direction for the development of the auto parts industry.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing, the plan proposes not only to organize the research and development of high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, additive manufacturing equipment and other intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent production lines with deep perception, intelligent decision-making, and automatic execution functions, but also to speed up machinery, aviation, and automobiles. Intelligent transformation of production equipment in, electronics and other industries to improve precision manufacturing and agile manufacturing capabilities.

In terms of improving product quality, implement an action plan for improving the quality of industrial products, and organize and conquer long-term key industries such as automobiles, high-end CNC machine tools, rail transit equipment, large-scale complete technical equipment, construction machinery, key raw materials, basic parts and components, and electronic components. The key common quality technology that plagues quality improvement.

Most importantly, the plan stipulates a number of key breakthrough development areas, including a new generation of information technology industries including chips, sensors, integrated circuits, etc., industrial robots in the fields of automobiles, machinery, electronics, and energy-saving and new energy vehicles. Relevant core technologies such as power batteries, advanced transmissions, lightweight materials, and intelligent control must form a complete industrial system and innovation system from key components to complete vehicles.

   In addition, the plan pointed out that it will also explore the use of industrial funds, state-owned capital gains and other channels to support high-speed rail, automobiles and other equipment and superior production capacity to go out, and implement overseas investment and mergers and acquisitions. This has also created opportunities for auto parts companies to go global, participate in international competition, and acquire superior foreign assets. 

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