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Cold heading machine operation
Date: 2020-10-20 14:28:33


1. Before the cold heading machine is operated, it is necessary to carefully do it: check the blade, cutting tool bar, punch, die, etc. to see if there are any defects, and it is a maintenance and repair system that is gradually improved and developed. If the oil is constant, the material tail should be removed from the tray, and the accuracy of the mechanical equipment should be checked.

2. Before the cold heading machine is operated, the things, accessories, and workpieces (products) should be placed neatly.

It is necessary to draw up work-hour quotas and material consumption quotas and check them according to the quotas. This is called equipment maintenance. Cold heading is mostly carried out on a dedicated cold heading machine. Because there is cold work hardening during the upsetting process, the chips, debris, and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned up;

3. Do not stop the slider at the "dead point" position. Do a good job in the maintenance of useful methods of equipment, equipment safety protection equipment and reliable, find disorder should be parked immediately.

Cold heading machine|One die two punch heading machine|Two die four punch cold heading machine|Nail making machine|Thread rolling machine

Cold forging machines currently include one-die two-punch, two-die two-punch, two-die three-punch, two-die four-punch, three-die three-punch, open and close die, etc., to make all kinds of screw products, such as woodworking screws, self-tapping screws, Fiberboard nails, drywall screws, various rivets, axle parts, etc., from simple types to various types with complex structures-the head and handle can be formed by a cold heading machine.


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