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Stainless steel from wire to finished product, all process sequences
Date: 2020-10-20 14:27:59


1. The over-die clearance of stainless steel mold is larger than that of carbon steel. It increases as the length of the product increases.

2. Not all stainless steel screw wires need oxalic acid. Generally, straight hole molds or very short shrinkage, direct white wires with a small shrinkage ratio are just fine. After oxalic acid, the surface is suitable for light pulling, increasing the surface hardness, suitable for strong beam and shrinking rod.

3. It must be better to make stainless steel machines. The same machine is good for ironing, and it may not be possible if it is not stainless steel.

4. Lubricating oil is required, not ordinary engine oil. Regardless of the appearance and life of the machine, it is OK to mix it with thick white paint and oil.

5. The heating of stainless steel wire should be moderate and stop, not the higher the temperature, the better. The higher the temperature, the life of the mold is greatly affected. Some common heads are also easy to make without heating.

6. Choose the appropriate model for stainless steel mold and main mold tungsten steel. Otherwise it is easy to crack or not wear-resistant. The thimble should be made of material above H55 at least.

That's all I can think of.

7. Heat treatment. Normal stainless steel screws do not need heat treatment. After rubbing the teeth, they can be cleaned, polished and dried directly. Special materials require heat treatment, demagnetization and hardening.

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