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Automation instead of labor will become mainstream
Date: 2020-10-20 14:27:10


 "At present, the global industry has entered the era of intelligent manufacturing. The development of the robot industry can not only forcefully drive industrial transformation and upgrading, but itself is also an important part of industrial transformation and upgrading. To grasp the robot industry, Dongguan has a certain foundation in technology and industry. At the same time, the market demand is huge. As long as these comparative advantages are fully tapped and the path of differentiated and characteristic development is taken, more new competitive advantages and economic growth points can be formed."

   The application potential of robots in China's manufacturing industry is huge, which can reduce the unreasonable flow of employees and alleviate labor problems. Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building the first brand in the field of overall automation solutions for China's manufacturing industry. The significance of promoting the application of robots is mainly to improve product quality and product consistency, increase production capacity, and reduce unreasonable employee flow.

   The labor demand in China's manufacturing industry is huge, but the number of people actually participating is gradually decreasing. Few people are willing to do some repetitive manual operations in the manufacturing industry. At the same time, labor costs are rising, and China's manufacturing industry is facing huge challenges. Therefore, the use of automation instead of labor has become the mainstream.

Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing injection molding machine central feeding system, dehumidification and drying system, mold temperature control system, automatic cooling system, crushing and recycling system, automatic feeding system, automatic taking-out system, metering and mixing system, etc. The overall solution of machine automation. Since its establishment, it has been serving injection molding companies in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, and Bohai Rim with high-quality plastic machine parts, and has made great contributions to the development of plastic processing companies. Topstar is also well-known in the injection molding industry. Zhen is known as the most growing national brand in the industry.

   With the development of science and technology, the application fields of Topstar robots will also continue to expand. At present, Topstar robots are not only used in traditional manufacturing industries such as injection molding, die-casting, automobiles, home appliances, electronic digital and other fields, but also have begun to expand into high-tech fields and service industries. 

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