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China's mold industry needs to learn from other countries' experience to make up for industry disadvantages
Date: 2020-10-20 14:19:39

The per capita production of molds in Europe and the United States is much higher than that of our country. my country is still in the low-level stage of mold production, and there are many companies relying on manpower. Therefore, we have to learn from some advantages of foreign mold companies to make up for my country's disadvantages in the mold industry. Give full play to the advantages and strive to become a casting power.

   First, the staff is streamlined and the management is "thin". Most of the European and American mold companies are small in scale, and they implement simplified and "thin" management. The number of employees is less than one hundred, and the number of mold companies surveyed is generally 20-50. The configuration of all kinds of personnel in the enterprise is very streamlined, with one specialization and multiple abilities, and one person with multiple roles. There are no idlers in the enterprise. The ideas of lean production and "thin" management have been well embodied.

  European and American mold companies adopt specialization and accurate product positioning. In order to survive and develop in the market competition, each mold manufacturer has its own superior technology and products, and all adopt professional production methods. Most mold companies in Europe and the United States have a group of long-term cooperation mold users, and there are also a group of mold production cooperative manufacturers around large mold companies. This kind of mutually beneficial, mutually beneficial, win-win, and coexisting partnership has lasted for 30 to 40 years.

   Keep up with the trend of the times, adopt advanced management information system to realize integrated management. European and American mold companies, especially the larger mold companies, have basically realized computer management. From production planning, process formulation, to quality inspection, inventory, statistics, etc., computers are commonly used, and various departments within the company can share information through a computer network. Advanced process management and high degree of standardization. Unlike domestic mold factories that mostly adopt fitter-based or fitter-based production organization models, mold manufacturers in Europe and the United States rely on advanced process equipment and process routes to ensure parts accuracy and production progress. Each mold has a detailed design drawing, including the detailed design of each part, and has developed a detailed processing technology. 

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