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The machinery parts industry leverages the mobile Internet to have great potential for development
Date: 2020-10-20 14:08:56

   As a traditional manufacturing industry, the mechanical parts industry occupies an important economic position in my country's economic development. In recent years, with the construction of infrastructure such as high-speed railways, highways, and airport construction, the demand for tires, hose tapes, rubber sealing products, mechanical accessories and other products has been further promoted, and the mechanical accessories industry has developed rapidly. However, factors such as rising raw materials, rising labor costs, and low production efficiency have led to a gradual decline in profits in the machinery parts industry, and the transformation of the industry cannot wait.   The popularization of mobile terminals such as mobile phones and tablet computers has greatly promoted the development of the mobile Internet. The mobile Internet puts the Internet in people's hands for the first time, realizing a 24-hour online life. In the era of mobile Internet, the traditional information industry operation model is being broken, and new business models are being formed. For the machinery parts industry, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. In this context, the China Internet News Center Business China and the China Science and Technology Alliance (Beijing) Information Technology Research Institute jointly developed the first mobile industry application in China-the "mobile industry platform", which serves as the independent innovation of my country's mobile sharing business technology. The latest achievement is an important third-party platform for SMEs to smoothly deploy the mobile Internet. The online "Hebei Machinery Parts Platform" is a professional machinery parts platform registered and created by Zhongsheng Rubber and Plastic Products Co., Ltd. It aims to build a mobile business platform for the machinery parts industry, helping upstream and downstream industries to obtain industry information in a timely manner and expand business channels. As a result, companies related to machinery parts can seize the opportunity and achieve rapid development in the era of mobile Internet.  Hebei Machinery Parts Platform is the most authoritative mobile application platform for mobile phones in Hebei. It can not only provide the end consumers with the most comprehensive product information and the most complete product style. It also allows consumers to order products at the most affordable price. Including viewing products anytime, anywhere, supporting online ordering, convenient and fast, allowing users to experience the mobile Internet life; providing manufacturers and distributors with the latest and fastest industry consultation, enjoying the enjoyment of information directly in the palm of the hand; at the same time, a time-saving and labor-saving article has been developed. And the convenient and fast sales channels fully support enterprises to establish image on the mobile Internet, expand business channels, expand foreign exchanges, and easily realize mobile marketing. The establishment of this platform has accelerated the integration of the machinery parts industry into the era of mobile internet, and created unlimited business opportunities, injecting fresh blood into the machinery parts industry and providing unlimited power. 

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