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The mold manufacturing industry as a whole shows an increasing level
Date: 2020-10-20 14:06:40


 Entering 2015, what kind of trend will my country's mold industry develop? Throughout the past year of 2014, the global mold manufacturing industry has increased by 12%, and the global mold manufacturing industry's operating rate has been 94%. After the decline in early 2014, this part of the business has now rebounded again. Among them, North America has the lowest operating rate, with a capacity utilization rate of 85%, compared with 97% in Asia and 114% in Europe. It can be seen that the overall global mold manufacturing industry has shown an upward level. The output value of China's mold industry exceeded 1.8 trillion yuan, growing at an average rate of 17%, more than double the average value-added of China's GDP.

   The automobile industry is one of the main downstream applications of the mold industry. About one-third of mold products in China serve the automobile industry, and steel is the upstream of the mold. The mold determines the quality of the car, and the steel determines the quality of the mold. Nowadays, the mold steel used by some companies can no longer meet the needs of market development, and mold steel must undergo technological and quality innovations to adapt to the rapid development of the industrial age. Social demand is always moving forward. Consumers continue to improve their requirements for quality and appearance. Enterprises can only strive for perfection, increase research and development efforts to develop new products to meet the diverse requirements of the market. 

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