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Domestic steel pipe market inventory: gradually stabilizing
Date: 2020-10-20 14:06:21


  The steel pipe market is gradually stabilizing and finishing, and the price changes are not obvious. According to data from China Steel Spot Net, as of press time, the average price of 108*4.5 seamless pipes in key cities across the country was 3473 yuan/ton, down 2 from yesterday, with Jinan down 50%. The average price of 1.5-inch*3.25 welded pipes in key cities across the country was 2736 yuan/ton, stable from yesterday.


  【A quick look at macro and downstream news】


  ① my country exported 93.78 million tons of steel last year, an increase of 50.5% compared to 2013, and the increase in imported steel was only 2.5%. Data show that since 1949, my country’s cumulative steel exports have reached 596 million tons, and imports have been 594 million tons. For the first time, the total steel exports exceeded the total imports. This also indicates that my country's steel industry has completed the transformation from a steel importing country to a steel exporting country.


  ②After a long period of deliberation, the new urbanization process ushered in a major breakthrough. The National Development and Reform Commission issued the National Comprehensive Pilot Program for New Urbanization (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") on February 4, listing 62 cities (towns) including Jiangsu, Anhui and Ningbo as areas for the National Comprehensive Pilot Program for New Urbanization.


  ③The People's Bank of China has decided to reduce the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions in general and implement targeted RRR cuts. The People's Bank of China has decided to lower the RMB deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points from February 5, 2015.


  ④ China Electricity Union recently stated that thermal power generation declined for the first time in 2014, and the average utilization hours of thermal power equipment hit the lowest level since 1978. Under the pressure of environmental protection, thermal power generation is gradually decreasing. In contrast, hydropower was swift and violent in 2014, and its power generation reached a record high.


  【Collection of key news on the charge】


①At the 2015 China Iron Ore Conference held on February 5, Li Xinchuang, deputy secretary-general of the China Iron and Steel Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Iron and Steel Association"), said that China's iron ore imports may increase by 7.1% this year. 1 billion tons, of which the main supplier countries Australia and Brazil will account for more than 80%.


  ②Since January this year, the price of thermal coal in the Bohai Rim has fallen for five consecutive weeks. On February 4, the latest Bohai Rim Thermal Coal Price Index released by the Qinhuangdao Marine Coal Trading Market showed that the comprehensive average price of 5,500 kcal thermal coal closed at 510 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1 yuan/ton from the previous reporting period. Ton.


  【Market perspective and forecast】


Today’s steel pipe market is showing signs of stabilization as a whole. Merchants’ quotations are basically stable, and the transaction situation has not improved. Now downstream terminals purchase on demand, and there are not many in the market. Demand release is really limited; The market outlook is not very optimistic, and there are not many hoarding operations. Only a small number of merchants do a small amount of purchase operations, which causes the overall market atmosphere to be relatively deserted. Considering the cautious operations of merchants years ago, the market has little room for change. It is expected The steel pipe market is mainly stabilized. 

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