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Hardware and electrical dealers in our city embark on the road of transformation
Date: 2020-10-20 14:05:40

 To benefit from the high end of the industrial value chain "The days of the hardware and electrical machinery market are getting more and more difficult. The scene of waiting for customers to come to your door in the past is gone. Distributors have to explore ways to survive!" The second opening recently At the Hebei Hardware, Electromechanical Machine Tool Industry Equipment Expo, brand dealers in the industry said with emotion.  During the exchange process of the exhibition, distributors shared their experience of exploring transformation for the past two years. They believe that only hardware and electromechanical products with advanced technology and excellent quality can win market share; establish a diversified and three-dimensional sales network to expand the market; actively cultivate a good brand effect, be a professional service provider, and fully meet customer needs. A firm foothold in the market. "Seller's market" has changed to "buyer's market". The economy is down, the market continues to be sluggish, and costs such as property rents and labor are rising. Under the tide of the Internet, manufacturers have started direct sales, and end customers bypassed the dealers and directly contacted the manufacturers. Talk about the order. Under the double attack, traditional distributors in the hardware, electrical and mechanical industries have had a hard time, and their turnover and profits have both declined. "The market is forcing us to transform." Ge Zhiyong, chairman of the City Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Wanlian International Hardware & Electrical City, said bluntly that many small dealers have switched careers, and some dealers who have persisted due to the narrowing of the product batch and zero price difference. Fall into the embarrassing situation of "Wang Xiaoer celebrates the New Year, and the days are not as good as each year". At present, most of the better-surviving dealers are doing high-end products in the industry. Chengxin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an agent for the sales of many brand machine tools. Business manager Wan Yingjie said that before sitting in the office to answer the phone, orders were sent to the door on their own initiative; but now the "seller's market" has become a "buyer's market", and sales performance has plummeted , Reduced from over 100 million yuan in previous years to 30 to 40 million yuan.   "Single fight alone" changed to "group and grow"   In the general environment of the market downturn, at the Hebei Hardware, Mechanical and Electrical Machine Tool Industry Equipment Expo, there were more than a dozen dealers who signed large orders of more than one million on the spot. "More than half of these orders are for the Wanlian International brand." said Zhang Jianxun, general manager of Daxin Hardware & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.   The organizer of the Expo is the Municipal Chamber of Commerce and the Hardware and Electrical Chamber of Commerce of the Provincial and Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce. The organizer is the Wanlian International Hardware and Electrical City, which is also located in this mall. The mall was put into operation at the beginning of last year. It was invested and built by more than a dozen leading enterprises in the hardware and electromechanical industry in the provincial capital, creating a new operation model independently developed and operated by industry insiders.   The "threshold" for entry here is very high, not only requires authentic, authentic, and regular prices, but also must be well-known brand companies and high-tech products. The market practice has also proved that only hardware and mechanical products with advanced technology and excellent quality can win market share. Gu Fengying, manager of the Northern Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Sales Company, said that when the market is depressed, businesses are facing greater pressure than before. At this time, if you go alone, you must invest more manpower and material resources, and most of the hardware and electromechanical industries are It is a small and medium-sized enterprise. For them, this investment is very risky. The professional market can act as a group-oriented unified management, can form a regional procurement center, and the complete supporting facilities of the professional market can also save a lot of costs for businesses. After "selling products" became "selling services" and entering high-end professional malls, dealers have also improved themselves, paying more attention to professional brand operations, and have established professional after-sales service and maintenance teams, from "selling products" to "Selling services" gradually changed.   Hardware, mechanical and electrical products are different from fast-moving consumer goods. In the sales value chain, after-sales service not only occupies an extremely important position, but also can bring great profits to related enterprises. Many distributors and agents revealed that providing customers with overall design plans, optimizing equipment and installations and other service costs has become an important profit point in the hardware and electromechanical market. "If you can successfully transform into an after-sales service provider of hardware and mechanical and electrical products, although you can't make a lot of money, it will not be a problem to live a small life."    With professional background and long-term cooperative relationship with the manufacturer, the dealers' after-sales service team has won the factory Authorization. With both professional customer service awareness and technical background professionals, they consider problems from the perspective of customers, meet customer needs as much as possible, and maintain brand image. They are recognized by both manufacturers and customers.   "store sales" changed to "three-dimensional sales"    under the impact of the Internet tide, the hardware and electrical machinery market has also devoted itself to the exploration of "Internet +". Many dealers have tried to use mobile Internet technology to expand sales channels and establish a three-dimensional online and offline sales network, and have received tangible benefits.   Chengxin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. business manager Wan Yingjie said that three years ago, the company established online stores on Taobao and Tmall, as well as micro-marketing. At present, the online development momentum is relatively good, and there is an upward trend year by year. An Wenlin, general manager of Wanlian International Hardware & Electrical City, said that the operation innovation of the Internet model is also of great help to improving management efficiency. "Through the e-commerce platform, the company has achieved centralized purchases, unified prices, and more importantly, zero inventory management." It is generally believed that this marketing mechanism is more flexible, responds to the market faster, and has lower marketing costs.   At the same time, they are actively "going out". Last year, Wanlian International led the settled merchants to participate in the bidding of many state-owned enterprises' projects, and won a project bill of 50 million yuan with the image of "high-end boutique". 

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