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Smart air conditioners fly into the homes of ordinary people
Date: 2020-10-20 14:04:41


  Intelligence has become another key word in the air conditioner market. APP remote control, WiFi control, cloud control...All air-conditioning companies are becoming more mature in the field of intelligent control technology, and they have proposed "beginning to popularize intelligent air-conditioning." It can be said that intelligent air-conditioning is about to fly into the homes of ordinary people.

   Multifunctional air conditioners are favored

   How is the market acceptance of personalized air conditioners with different functions? Many young consumers pay more attention to the new features of air conditioners, thinking that as long as the air conditioner is good enough, it is not a problem that it costs a few hundred yuan. "Now the smog weather is serious. If the air conditioner can purify the air, of course it will be good, and the air conditioner usage rate will be higher." A mother-to-be is interested in air conditioners that can purify the air.

   There are also consumers who hold different opinions. The air conditioner is mainly used for cooling and heating, but with other functions, the price is high. A middle-aged customer said that air conditioners with various smart functions and air purifying functions are of little practical significance, and there is no need to spend more money.

   Spring home improvement sea is sought after

In March of Yangchun, the spring home improvement boom detonated the air-conditioning market. Now the home has entered the era of smart home appliances. Many young people will choose smart home appliances for long-term consideration. There are also customers who reconsider the air-conditioning function. Therefore, air-conditioning with purification function is affected. Sought after by consumers.

   As for whether air-purifying air conditioners can replace air purifiers, industry insiders say that adding air-purifying equipment to air-conditioners will definitely have a certain effect on purifying air, but the air-purifying effect of air conditioners is definitely not as good as professional air purifiers.

For air conditioners with filter air purification, most of them are equipped with a filter to achieve the filtering function, generally only about 1/6 of the air can be purified, because if all the air conditioners are purified, the noise of the air conditioner will be very loud. . Therefore, the current purification function air conditioner cannot completely replace the air purifier. 

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