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China's fastener market demand is very considerable
Date: 2020-10-20 14:04:11


  The fastener industry has always been a traditional industry, but it is full of vitality and is an indispensable supporting industry. It is just because of the wide range of fasteners, from aerospace to the daily life of the people. , Everywhere, really can be described as a small screw, a big world, a big market.

China’s economic development has provided a huge market for the fastener industry. It is expected to reach approximately US$12 billion in 2014 and reach US$13 billion by 2016, operating at an average demand growth rate of 3 to 5%. Comprehensive analysis shows that China’s fastener industry The market demand for parts is very considerable.

   China's economic development adheres to reform and opening up, and the huge fastener demand market provides a development platform for domestic and foreign counterparts. We welcome the world's developed European and American counterparts to invest in China or import high-strength fasteners to achieve mutual economic and trade benefits, win-win cooperation, and work together to resist the rising new trade protectionism. Europe used to be and will continue to be a partner of China in the future. However, in recent years, there have been some abnormal phenomena in the exchanges between Europe and China’s fastener industry. Chinese fasteners have been levied by the EU for five consecutive years of high anti-dumping duties, which have been basically excluded from the EU market, but the EU is still Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and other places have imported more than 600,000 tons of fasteners, replacing the market share of the original Chinese products. As a result, European traders suffered a heavy blow.

The rising costs of the European manufacturing industry and the decline in profitability hinder the development of the European economy. From the information provided by relevant parties, even if there is no import of Chinese fastener products, the current profit of the EU fastener industry is still down by about 0.4% year-on-year. . The facts fully show that the damage to the EU fastener industry has nothing to do with China's fastener imports, which is a structural problem within the EU industry. At the same time, we should clearly see that China's exports of EU fasteners are all low-end and medium-end products, which will not pose a threat to the EU's high-end fastener industry. On the contrary, it is the sound development of mutual assistance, mutual benefit, and mutual benefit. In particular, there are still people worrying that after the EU abolishes anti-dumping duties, Chinese fasteners will still enter in large numbers.

   In fact, China's fastener exports in 2014 still achieved certain growth despite the reduction in EU exports. Chinese export companies paid more attention to domestic demand and markets outside the EU. To this end, we hope that European fastener manufacturers and traders will unite and work together for the European Union to eliminate misunderstandings and misjudgments. By the time of sunset review, we will follow the trend of development, eliminate all interference, and enhance exchanges and mutual trust between the two sides. Abolish the anti-dumping tax on Chinese fasteners, so that the fastener industry in China and Europe will return to the normal track, and promote the cooperation and common development of the two sides. There is an old Chinese saying: Home and everything are prosperous. Let our colleagues in the fastener industry face the future and join hands to create a new situation in the development of the fastener industry in China and Europe.

   Under the guidance of the policy of "stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, promoting political revolution, and benefiting people's livelihood", the Chinese economy persists in reforms and innovations to start the market, and promotes a more healthy development of the market economy. Adhere to structural adjustments, step up the rectification of overcapacity, high pollution and high energy consumption industries, and promote the development of emerging industries such as automobiles, new energy, advanced manufacturing, networking, and information technology. What is more gratifying is that the tertiary industry has The rapid development has promoted great changes in China’s economic structure. GDP growth has shifted from an average annual rate of 9.8% to a high-speed GDP growth of 7.4% in 2014, which means it has entered a benign period of 7-8% medium-to-high speed. In 2014, China's manufacturing purchasing manager index remained above the 50% dry line, the production index and the order index were above 52% and 51% respectively, the non-manufacturing business activity index was around 54%, and the construction business activity index was 56% The above information fully demonstrates that China's economy has entered a new normal of stable, qualitative, sound improvement and steady development.

Under the new normal, it will inevitably promote the steady development of the fastener industry that serves it, and at the same time increase innovation drive and industrial structure adjustment, that is, change from the partial pursuit of output value and output to the improvement of quality and brand benefits; The partial pursuit of large and comprehensive, the transformation to precision, speciality, specialization, and excellence; the transformation from production to production service; the focus is on the development of combined screws and components, stainless steel fasteners, IT industry miniature screws, and self-locking products Fasteners, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy fasteners, automotive, high-speed rail special fasteners and various surface treatments, chemically coated fasteners and non-standard special-shaped parts, mechanical parts, and continuously improve the product level of the entire industry And standards, especially high-strength, high-precision, high-value-added fasteners, non-standard special-shaped parts, and small mechanical parts have been developing rapidly to continuously adapt to automobiles, new energy, high-speed rail, urban transportation, aerospace, The development of electronic appliances, construction and maintenance industries.

China's fastener industry achieved steady progress in 2014. The output of fasteners reached about 7.2 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 5.88%, and sales revenue reached 71 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.2%, of which 2.8 million tons were exported and 5.28 billion foreign exchange earned The U.S. dollar increased year-on-year by 9.4% and 13% respectively, a record high. With the adjustment of China’s industrial structure, the demand for high-strength and high value-added has grown rapidly, which has promoted a new increase in imported fasteners. That is, imported high-end fasteners reached 308,000 tons, an increase of 12.8% year-on-year, and the import amount reached 3.46 billion US dollars. , A year-on-year increase of 15.3%, and the average tonnage of imported fasteners reached US$1,1233.7, nearly 6 times that of exported products. These imported products are mainly used in aerospace, automobiles, new energy, electronic appliances, etc. China's fastener industry closely follows the national development strategy and the new opportunities brought by the "One Belt, One Road" and high-speed rail industry international strategies. Energy maintains a strong momentum of development, railways and other infrastructure are still the focus of investment, maintaining a 20% growth, fixed asset investment still maintaining double-digit growth, people’s livelihood projects and the “One Road and One Belt”, new urbanization, will give fasteners The manufacturing industry brings new expansion space and develops based on domestic demand. 

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