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Li Changyin: China's shipbuilding industry has overcapacity
Date: 2020-10-20 14:03:12


 A few days ago, Li Changyin, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, General Manager and Party Secretary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, said in an exclusive interview: “The overall production capacity of China’s shipbuilding industry is overcapacity. Marine resources."


   Li Changyin analyzed that the development of the shipbuilding industry shoulders a major mission in developing and utilizing marine resources, protecting the marine environment, and safeguarding national maritime rights and interests. At present, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world, marked by green and smart technology, and centered on information network technology, digital manufacturing technology, artificial intelligence technology, and new material technology, has gradually emerged. "German Industry 4.0" and "German Industry 4.0" The "return of the US manufacturing industry" all show that advanced manufacturing technology will become the direction and focus of the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in the future.


Li Changyin said that compared with foreign countries, my country's high-end ship and marine equipment manufacturing technology level still has a significant gap, which is mainly manifested in its weak innovation ability and large shortcomings in core manufacturing technology and manufacturing technology; high-end, The level of intelligent equipment manufacturing technology is obviously backward; the level of systematization and integration is not high, and the application of new technologies such as big data and industrial Internet of things is insufficient. He suggested that my country should increase investment support, focus on supporting advanced manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing equipment technology research and development, steadily promote the construction of automated production lines and digital workshops, and gradually build intelligent manufacturing plants for high-end ships and marine equipment, occupying the world's manufacturing industry. cutting edge.


Li Changyin said that China’s shipbuilding industry should deepen international cooperation and encourage domestic companies to cooperate with foreign R&D institutions and manufacturing companies through a variety of ways to increase the starting point of development; support qualified domestic companies to carry out international operations and cultivate international brands. Participate in high-level international cooperation and improve international competitiveness.


   It is understood that China's shipbuilding industry entered the world market in the early 1980s and is at the forefront of the domestic industrial field. At present, China ranks second in the world in terms of deadweight. In 2014, China ranked first in the world in terms of hand-held orders and second in the world in terms of delivery volume. In terms of ship types, it ranks in the forefront of the world. In addition to luxury cruise ships, other ship types can be built in China. 

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