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Non-ferrous metals face greater challenges
Date: 2020-10-20 13:06:29


  It is co-sponsored by the Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce Ferrous Metals Trade Chamber of Commerce and Shenyin Wanguo Futures Co., Ltd. The guests generally believed that the negative impact of the Qingdao Port incident on the import and export of non-ferrous metals still exists. In the context of increasing downward pressure on China's macro economy, the non-ferrous metals industry is facing greater challenges.

   Guests shared their views on the current status of China's non-ferrous metals import and export trade and the future development of trade financing. In general, the warehouse receipt financing fraud case at Qingdao Port in June forced banks and other financial institutions to consider implementing new controls on China's large-scale commodity financing business. The introduction of new requirements also raises the risk. Those customers who cannot regain credit lines may default when they need to pay for hedging or import payments.

   Dr. Jiang Xiaoquan, Assistant Director of Shanghai Futures Exchange, gave a detailed explanation on the rules of the Shanghai Futures Exchange’s nickel and tin futures contracts. Nickel and tin futures will be listed for trading on March 27. According to the released contract rules, the trading unit of the nickel futures contract is 1 ton/lot, the minimum change unit is 10 yuan/ton, the maximum daily price range is 4%, the minimum margin is 5%, and the minimum delivery unit is 6 tons.

   In addition, Wang Jue, Assistant Vice President of the London Metal Exchange (LME), also explained the new LME trading policy, and introduced the queue status of the LME after the implementation of the new warehouse policy. Zhu Yan, the senior investment director of South Australia, introduced the situation of South Australia's copper resources, giving domestic companies a clear understanding of South Australia's copper resources.

   In response to macroeconomic trends, Dr. Zhang Xiang of Shenyin Wanguo Futures Co., Ltd. believes that 2015 is the most important year for the country to implement economic transformation and upgrading, and the country’s economic policies have a very large impact on commodities. Generally speaking, in 2015, downward pressure will still be great, the country will still adopt a looser policy, and bulk commodities will face greater challenges.

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