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The development of China's hardware mold industry is blocked
Date: 2020-10-20 13:03:04


  The hardware mold industry has not developed a leading and backbone enterprise in tools, especially in terms of foreign market skills and overall industry competition. Especially in terms of technical innovation, technical innovation is a very important item in mold creation, but it is still very weak in our country.

   At present, the business source of domestic hardware molds basically comes from foreign trade orders, and there is a high degree of export dependence. If the international financial crisis is encountered, the export market of many companies will face a sharp shrinkage. When it comes to brand building, it is relatively lagging. In this industry, many companies rely on OEM consumption, and there is a shortage of brands and core competitiveness. Blind expansion has led to my country's mold market chaos and an important factor hindering the development of molds.

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