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Analysis of production steps of hardware products
Date: 2020-10-20 13:02:24


  A small hardware product, just like an exquisite handicraft, needs to go through layers of processes before it can be refined into a fine product. How to distinguish its inner quality through the surface? Only by close experience and knowledge of the advanced nature and professionalism of the production line can you be convinced by its excellent quality.

  The first process of hardware production is mold making. In the CNC lathe of the CNC machining center, the three-dimensional file of the product is imported into the computer, and the processing is completed in the machining center by compiling the processing program.

   Next is the casting process. Generally speaking, the low-pressure casting machine has good casting and molding, and one mold can produce multiple sets of products, and the production efficiency is high. The cast products have uniform wall thickness, higher density, and smoother inner cavity. For large-scale thin-walled and complex-structured castings, the molding is more advantageous, and the yield rate is much higher than that of gravity casting.

   The third process is machining. The raw materials (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron, etc.) are processed into various parts according to drawings or samples with lathes, milling machines, drilling machines and other machinery. This process requires sophisticated instruments, and the scale must be accurate.

   The fourth process is grinding and polishing. Grinding and polishing are divided into rough machining and finishing. The rough surface of the product is grinded with a fast-moving abrasive belt; the surface of the hardware is processed by the grinding head of the polishing machine or the high-speed rotation of the linen wheel to make it smooth and bright. The brightness and finish of the product.

  After the grinding and polishing process, a technician is required to check whether it is qualified, and the unqualified will be reworked in a circle, and the inspection is very strict.

The hardware electroplating process uses electrolysis to attach a metal film to the surface of metal or other material parts, thereby preventing metal oxidation (such as rust), improving wear resistance, conductivity, light reflection, and corrosion resistance (sulfuric acid Copper, etc.) and enhance the beauty and other functions.

   In order to enhance the smooth feel, make the appearance soft and the color lasting, the top solid hardware will undergo a comprehensive inspection after the multi-layer electroplating process, and the defective products will be reworked to ensure that they are intact.

   Next, it is necessary to assemble various assembly tools and parts, and connect the processed hardware parts in a certain order and technology to become a complete set of hardware products. This process is a key link in determining product quality.

Finally, check the switch feel of the product and feel the user experience in advance, so that customers can enjoy high-quality products the first time they use the product; wipe the product, inspect the appearance of the product, and keep the product smooth and clean; match the accessory accessories and install the specified The packing box, put it into the outer packing box, and put it into the warehouse according to the process.

   High-end quality hardware production is inseparable from a complete production line, and it is also inseparable from the careful and rigorous work attitude of the production staff! 

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