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The development trend of scale and diversification of my country's hardware industry
Date: 2020-10-20 13:01:36


  In recent years, the development pattern of my country's hardware industry is undergoing changes, and the current development of the industry is tending to scale and diversify. At the same time, as my country's economy shifts from high-speed development to medium-speed stable development, the era of high-speed growth that the hardware market maintained in the previous ten years has ended, and the phenomenon of overcapacity is more prominent. In this context, it is inevitable to transform and upgrade the industry, increase technology investment, and improve product quality.

   The development of the hardware industry tends to scale. my country's larger hardware markets are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong provinces and cities. For example, the hardware and electromechanical production enterprise clusters in Yongkang City, Zhejiang, Linyi Hardware Market in Shandong, Hangzhou New Century Lock Market, Shanghai Hardware and Electromechanical Trade City, Chengdu Jinfu Hardware and Electromechanical City, Guangdong Guangfo Hardware and Electromechanical City, etc. At present, my country's daily hardware products industry has stepped into the forefront of the world. Relevant information shows that in recent years, my country has established 14 technology development centers such as zippers, electric shavers, stainless steel utensils, iron pots, blades, bicycle locks, and 16 product centers such as pressure cookers, electric shavers, and lighters. . At the same time, my country has gradually become one of the largest processing countries and exporting countries of global hardware products. Relevant data predict that in 2013, the growth rate of my country's hardware and other related products' exports will remain at about 10%.

   The development of the hardware industry tends to be diversified. At present, the construction of professional hardware markets throughout the country has basically formed a pattern of reasonable combination of origin and circulation, large and medium and small, comprehensive and single types, and complement each other. Take Tianjin Hardware Market as an example. The four major hardware professional markets of Tianjin International Hardware & Electrical City, Xinnan Road Hardware City, Northern Hardware City and Pearl River Hardware City have total annual sales of more than 20 billion yuan. These four hardware markets have formed their own development models according to their different market positioning. The International Hardware & Electrical City, located in the center of Tianjin, adopts a comprehensive and diversified business model. There are commercial stores, high-end office buildings and star hotels in the Electrical and Mechanical City. ; The Pearl River Hardware City focuses on the management of decorative hardware tools. The diversification effect of these four major markets not only gathers more than 60% of the hardware merchant operators in Tianjin, but also introduces all well-known domestic and foreign brands into the Tianjin market, forming one of the largest hardware industry wholesale bases in northern my country.

   The key to the hardware industry's further expansion and strength is transformation and upgrading. Industry insiders pointed out that my country's hardware market is changing from short supply to oversupply, forcing market competition from price-based to high-quality, high-tech content. Under this circumstance, transformation and upgrading is the inevitable development of the industry in the future. With the deepening of competition among related enterprises, the profit margins at all stages of the hardware industry chain have been compressed, and the room for price reductions is declining. At the same time, the international market's requirements for my country's hardware products have gradually changed, and there will be higher requirements for the quality, packaging, and delivery period of my country's hardware products, even gradually extending to the production process and product research and development.

   Moreover, industry insiders pointed out that the transformation and upgrading of my country's hardware products industry will usher in a new foreign trade pattern, and the biggest change may be that the export volume of high-tech products will increase. A batch of high-tech and high value-added export products such as wire rope cutters, bolt cutters, saw frames, machine repair tools, telecommunication tools, household combination tools, steel tapes, level gauges and other measuring tools will gradually replace the original low value-added hardware products. . 

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