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The Hardware Products Association calls for reduction of smog
Date: 2020-10-20 12:59:46


  “Reducing the smog weather cannot only rely on the administrative power of the government, but also requires the joint participation of all walks of life.” Yesterday, Shi Senglan, chairman of the China Hardware Products Association, said that the key to defeating the smog is to change my country’s traditional coal use. And oil-based energy consumption structure. Gas energy is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and can effectively reduce PM2.5 and reduce the occurrence of smog. "Appeal to consumers to use more gas water heaters, gas stoves, and gas heaters."

   It is understood that in our country, 90% of sulfur dioxide emissions, 67% of nitrogen oxide emissions, 70% of soot emissions, and 40% of anthropogenic atmospheric mercury emissions all come from coal. Natural gas is a very clean energy. Its main components are methane and ethane. The main emissions after complete combustion are carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of nitrogen oxides. Among them, carbon dioxide emissions are 1/2 of that of coal, nitrogen oxides are 1/5 of that of coal, and sulfides are 1/1200 of that of coal.

   80% of the electricity that must be consumed in consumers’ lives depends on coal-fired power generation. The coal, which power generation relies on, emits 2.1 kilograms of soot and coal ash or cinder per ton of combustion. If every family saves electricity and uses cleaner, environmentally friendly and energy-saving natural gas, it will inevitably play a huge role in improving air.

“However, the current consumption of household gas appliances accounts for only 60%. The true value of gas appliances is seriously underestimated.” Shi Senglan told the home appliance consumer network that the hardware industry must not only develop high-efficiency energy-saving technologies, but also promote green manufacturing technologies. To make greater contributions to reducing PM2.5, we must also strengthen industry publicity, popularize clean energy knowledge, and guide consumers to choose gas appliances.

  The initiative of the Hardware Association has been unanimously supported by enterprises. Lu Chuqi, chairman of Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd., said in an interview, “Advocating the use of clean energy and energy-saving and environmentally friendly gas appliances has a positive and far-reaching social impact.” He said that Wanhe has been saving energy and reducing energy consumption. Conduct scientific research on emissions, low-carbon and environmental protection. A few days ago, the exclusive research and development of cloud smart technology in China, gas water heaters and gas wall-hung boilers using this technology are connected through wireless WIFI, so that consumers who have not yet arrived at home can use mobile phones, tablets and other mobile terminals to control the water heater at home. You can take a warm bath at the set time. The launch of low nitrogen oxide technology that can be used on gas wall-hung boilers can reduce environmental pollution and lead the industry's technology upgrade. "Wanhe will launch more advanced gas water heaters, gas stoves, gas wall-hung boilers and other gas appliances products, with more reliable quality and more user-friendly functions, so that consumers are willing to choose."

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