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The key equipment of machine tools is related to industrial safety
Date: 2020-10-20 12:59:06


  Statistics show that foreign brands account for more than 95% of the market share of high-end machine tool control systems in my country. As the key equipment of production and processing enterprises, CNC machine tools are facing various risks of industrial viruses and cyber attacks. Once improperly protected by external attacks, it will cause the danger of downtime for CNC machine tools and even the entire production line.

Recently, the 706 Institute of the Second Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation successfully developed my country’s first information security product for CNC machining: "HT706-CNCP CNC System Terminal Information Security Protection Equipment" and "HT706-CISP Border Security Special Gateway" .

   The CNC machining information security solution can build a security line of defense from the outside to the inside, from the network to the CNC machine tool, including network protection and data security in the operation of the CNC machine tool. Through two aspects of risk analysis, the protection requirements for the information security of CNC machining are obtained, and technical measures are given.

   Statistics show that the "Stuxnet" virus incident that occurred in 2010 has sounded the alarm for the safety of my country's industrial control system. Ensuring the industrial safety of CNC machining and manufacturing has become a major issue that needs to be resolved urgently.

   High-end CNC machine tools are related to industrial safety and national security. There are a large number of log files of high-end machine tool systems, which contain extremely rich information in machine tool processing, which can reflect various technical information of important products produced by this type of machine tool. Western developed countries not only value its huge profits, but also list it as a strategic material for technological blockade. The numerical control processing protection system can break through the information bottleneck and realize the safe interconnection of the DNC network and the office network, which greatly facilitates the improvement of the processing efficiency of various manufacturing enterprises.

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