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Chinese machinery manufacturing ranks third in the world, German machinery is fully guarded
Date: 2020-10-20 12:58:07

On February 19, according to German data, in the global machinery manufacturing export distribution map, China has surpassed Japan and ranked third, only lagging behind Germany and the United States. China has also become the world's largest market for machinery manufacturing.

China has become the largest export market for German machinery manufacturers. From 2008 to 2012, the total sales in the Chinese market more than doubled. In 2012, the total export volume reached 17 billion euros. China's machinery manufacturing not only has a great price advantage. , The technical level has advantages in the mid-range products, and the service is constantly improving. A German weekly magazine stated that in order to defeat China's cheap products in the increasingly fierce price competition, German machinery manufacturers are even ready to make "compromises."

At present, most of the goals of German machinery manufacturing are high-tech products. However, under the economic crisis, the global market is biased towards mid-range products. This is exactly China’s current technical strengths. "The top of the market’s technology pyramid is too small." Industry Association President Feisterge said, “Most small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany can only participate in competition by lowering prices by reducing quality.”


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