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Local auto parts companies support the industry backbone
Date: 2020-10-20 12:56:02


  In 2014, many local auto parts companies in my country successively celebrated their 20th and 30th birthdays. Many of these parts and components companies that have grown up with the development of my country’s automobile industry started from hand-crafted workshops, and some are remotely located “third-tier companies”. In the past few decades, they have encountered pains in the reform of corporate systems and mechanisms, and technological transformation. Difficulties, lack of funds, macroeconomic changes, pressure from product upgrades, and market downturns, persisting to this day, some have become enterprises with tens of billions of output value, some have become leaders in market segments, and some Become a component group with diversified businesses, and some have gone abroad to become a world-class component supplier... They have experienced the brilliance of the market’s "blowout" and "explosive growth" with the development of my country's auto industry from weak to strong , Has also withstood the test of industrial structure transformation and market adjustment several times, and has become the driving force of my country's automobile industry technology and the strong backbone of industrial development.

   If auto parts are strong, the auto industry can be strong. At the key point of my country's transformation from a major automobile country to a powerful automobile country today, those local parts and components companies that have withstood the test of the market wave will have a more prominent position and importance in the future development of my country's automobile industry.

  The leader in market segments

   In the decades of vigorous development of my country's auto industry, the auto parts industry has also been shining stars and heroes. Many local companies with concentration on innovation and development seized market opportunities and became the first companies in their respective fields. This year, the 11th "National Top 100 Auto Parts Suppliers" list organized by China Automobile News has been announced. From the list, we can see that there are a large number of excellent local auto parts suppliers in the fields of engines, transmissions, wheels, tires, brakes, and automotive electronics. For example, local engine companies such as Weichai, FAW Xichai, and Yuchai, automobile wheel companies represented by CITIC Dicastal and Wanfeng, and tire companies represented by Linglong Tire... For more than ten years, these starting points have not been high. The company has not only become the leader in each sub-industry, but also a strong backing for the development of my country's automobile industry.

   20 years ago, Wanfeng Auto Holding Group, which started with a bank loan of 500,000 yuan and entered the motorcycle market, now has an annual production capacity of 15 million aluminum wheels for the company's Zhejiang Wanfeng Aowei Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. Not only that, the company has expanded from a single motorcycle business in the past to cover diversified businesses such as motorcycles, steam turbines, coatings, new energy vehicles, magnesium alloys, and industrial robots.

   The same company is Somick Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Twenty years ago, from a troubled auto parts company, it became the largest manufacturer of auto steering and suspension swing arm ball joint parts in China, with a share of more than 50% in the domestic auto market.

In the field of commercial vehicle transmission, we have Fast, which has ranked first in the world in terms of transmission production and sales for eight consecutive years. In the heavy-duty engine market, we have Weichai, FAW Xichai... These local leading parts companies are not only powerful It has promoted the development and growth of my country's automobile industry, and in recent years, with the help of mergers and reorganizations, it has actively expanded new markets and product areas to help China's automobile industry participate in global competition.

   market spoiler

   There are also some companies that are not dazzling in terms of output value and scale, but with excellent management quality and great growth potential. Such as Wind Group. Although the company's annual sales revenue is less than 4 billion yuan, it has the second largest generator and starter manufacturer in China, and an airbag manufacturer that accounts for 60% of the independent brand passenger car market. It is currently the world's second largest sales volume. Shock absorber piston rod manufacturer...In the field of generators, starters, and airbags in my country, this company has played a pivotal role as a “market spoiler”. Their existence allows complete vehicles, especially autonomous vehicle companies, to be in the market. There are more choices in it.

Shenzhen Hangsheng and Huizhou Desay SV in the field of automotive electronics, Yatai Electromechanical and Zhejiang Wanan in the field of braking...In these markets, they are "catch-ups", and they always bear the technology, capital, and capital of their foreign counterparts. Brand competition is under pressure, but it is precisely because of the existence of these companies that the market competition is more sufficient, which is more conducive to the healthy development of my country's independent automobile industry.

  The leader in new fields

   In the past few decades, the autonomy of key and core parts technology and products has always been the breakthrough goal of my country's auto parts industry. Especially in the fields of engine electronic control, automatic transmission, steering system, braking system, transmission system, suspension system, and automobile bus control system, the overall gap in my country's auto parts industry needs to be filled urgently. The good news is that these gaps are being gradually filled.

   Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd. is among the outstanding auto parts suppliers this year. After 7 years, this traditional parts company has transformed the 8-speed automatic transmission from a concept into a commodity that can be industrialized. This will not only break the monopoly of multinational auto giants on my country’s high-end automatic transmissions, but also promote my country’s autonomous vehicle companies to be critical Technological progress in the powertrain field has achieved a leapfrog breakthrough in core component technology for my country's automobile industry, and has opened a practical and feasible innovation path for the industry to learn from.

   In the high-pressure common rail field, the high-pressure common rail fuel injection system of Liaoning Fresh Air Group has also filled the domestic gap in my country's high-pressure common rail technology. From the current point of view, although these local companies that have sprung up in the field of key core components are still facing difficulties in market expansion, their emergence has given all parties in the industry more confidence in breaking through the key technologies of the existing industry. 

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