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What is the difference between the working voltage of different screw machines?
Date: 2020-10-20 12:54:54

The screw machinery uses pneumatic and PLC technology to realize automatic operation, reduce manpower, improve efficiency, and ensure product quality. Through automated operation methods, we can comprehensively improve the production efficiency, quality control and management level of various products to provide customers with high quality, reduce costs and create higher profits.

  The working voltage of the internal components of the automatic screw locking machine is to convert the 220V of the power supply voltage to 24V. Generally, the voltage of 220V can be configured in the factory.

The working voltage of the automatic screw machine is generally configured by the customer. The air compressor has 220V and 380V. The power supply voltage of the automatic screw machine is 220V, including hand-held screw machines, multi-axis automatic screw machines, XY Fully automatic screwing machine, the working voltage of the internal components of the handheld screw electromechanical batch is to convert the power supply voltage from 220V to 36V.

When using the screw machinery, the screw silo should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the silo is clean and clean. It is recommended to blow out the residue in the silo with high-pressure air; regularly clean the screw track to ensure that the screw runs smoothly in the track; regularly clean the nail feeding system to ensure nail delivery The system runs smoothly. It is recommended to add some grease to the moving parts regularly; clean the exterior of the case regularly. Please turn off the power when not in use to avoid sending risks.

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