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The selection principle of screw machinery
Date: 2020-10-20 12:52:44

 Automatic locking screw machinery is a typical representative of automation products. Screws are the most common parts and components in the electronics industry and industrial work. They are also very small but also play a key role. If this small screw is manually locked, the working process is very cumbersome, the efficiency cannot be improved, and the manual operation is easy to tire and increase the working time.

The screw machinery should clean the screw silo regularly to ensure that the silo is clean. It is recommended to blow out the residue in the silo with high-pressure air; clean the screw track regularly to ensure that the screws run smoothly in the track; clean the nail feeding system regularly to ensure that the nail feeding system runs Smooth, it is recommended to regularly add some grease to the exercise part; clean the outer surface of the chassis regularly.

   The selection of screw machinery is to choose the equipment that is reasonably used according to the diameter and length of the screw specifications of the rod. A reasonable selection of screw machines can minimize investment costs, exert production efficiency and reduce the expense of mold wearing parts. Obtain the greatest investment benefit.

  Screw automatic alignment component is mainly to output the disordered screws neatly. Alignment of elements can be realized by selection mechanism or screw alignment mechanism. The screw conveying components need to be aligned and conveyed to the working head of the screw tightening components.

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