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How to judge whether the appearance of the screw is normal?
Date: 2020-10-20 12:51:08

In most cases where screws or small columnar parts and nuts are used for assembling, it is appropriate to use active screw-feeding machinery, active screw-driving machinery. The new production method is the driving force of enterprise reform promoted by profitism. It is a free competition market today. In the current environment, it is necessary to try our best to achieve the target cost in order to achieve the target profit.

   Now the screw machine has very mature technology, the track adjustment is convenient, the track of the screw machine can be drawn out and adjusted freely. In the production process of car engines, the multi-axis automatic lock screw machine has been used the most. Of course, the active lock screw machine used in this type of product has a much stronger function. The driver does not use electric or pneumatic screwdrivers. Servo motors, CNC torque, etc.

   Is the appearance of the screw machine normal, whether the nut is skewed, the screw thread, whether it is checked by the pass stop rule, etc. This kind of inspection also has defective screws that can exist and screws that can't exist, etc. The inspection of the appearance is very important.

   High-quality screws are not just a single finger screw that is produced well, but after all aspects of the screw are tested, the quality is perfected by testing.

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