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How does the screw machine produce good quality screws?
Date: 2020-10-20 12:03:11

Many high-quality screws are not only produced by a single finger screw machine, but through various aspects of the screw machine inspection, and the quality is perfected by inspection.

Screw mechanical alloy wear-resistant ductile iron, from mold opening to casting, annealing, all castings are fully aging treated, and internal stress is completely eliminated. The metal arrangement is more detailed, which can ensure the service life of the whole machine and the stability of the function. Planning is the selection and selection of the machine screw machine according to the screw standard rod outer diameter and length to select the equipment that is reasonably used.

In the material distribution mechanism, due to the unavoidable screw tolerance or quality problems, the material jamming failure can be avoided. During the automatic locking process, the screws can be directly ejected from the material distribution mechanism and accidentally hurt others. When the material jam occurs in the material distribution mechanism, it will stop automatically. Blow to work.

  The appearance is designed according to the ergonomic grip, and the shell is made of high-grade PC material, compact in size, light in weight, impact-resistant, comfortable to use, not easy to fatigue after long-term use, and improves production efficiency. 

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