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The appearance characteristics of screw machinery and equipment, etc.
Date: 2020-10-20 12:00:41

The screw machine is a relatively simple type of small automatic equipment that arranges screws in a row, which is composed of a feeding system and a lock system, with the purpose of improving work efficiency.

   The screw machinery is beautiful in appearance, novel in design, small and light, and can be placed on or off the stage without any noise.

   During operation, do not bend the screw conveying pipe, otherwise the screw will get stuck in the bending part during the screw conveying process. If you find that the machine does not send a screw to the electric screwdriver lock nozzle to be locked, you can repeat the click (press down the screwdriver and turn the electric screwdriver) to let the machine send a screw to the electric screwdriver lock nozzle to be locked.

   This kind of machinery has strong versatility, hand-held screwdriver, flexible operation, and suitable for variable-point operations. Be sure to wait for the torque of the electric screwdriver to reach the set torque, and then lift the electric screwdriver after the electric screwdriver automatically stops. The air pressure cannot be adjusted too much, otherwise it will only accelerate the wear rate of the electric screwdriver's nose, and the screw will sometimes directly rush out of the lock.

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