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Introduction to the essentials of modular machine tools
Date: 2020-10-20 12:00:20


  Modular machine tools are generally used for processing box-like or special-shaped parts. Modular machine tools are semi-automatic or automatic special machine tools based on general-purpose parts, coupled with special parts and fixtures designed according to the specific shape of the workpiece and processing technology. Generally adopt multi-axis, multi-tool, multi-process, multi-face or multi-station simultaneous processing. The general parts of modular machine tools can be divided into the following five categories according to their functions:


  The general parts of modular machine tools can be divided into five categories according to their functions: power parts, supporting parts, conveying parts, control parts and auxiliary parts.


  1. The power component is the component that provides the main motion and feed motion for the modular machine tool. Mainly include power box, cutting head and power sliding table.


  2. Supporting parts are used to install power sliding tables, cutting heads or fixtures with feed mechanism, etc., including side bases, middle bases, brackets, adjustable brackets, columns, and column bases.


  3. Conveying components are used to transport workpieces or headstocks to processing stations. They mainly include indexing rotary table, ring indexing rotary table, indexing drum and reciprocating table, etc.


  4. Control components are used to control the automatic working cycle of the machine tool, including hydraulic stations, electrical cabinets, and consoles.


   5. Auxiliary components include lubrication device, cooling device and chip removal device.

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