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Large growth space for domestic industrial servo motors
Date: 2020-10-20 11:59:22


  In recent years, China's industrial robot sales have been in a stage of rapid growth. In 2013, China has become the world's largest industrial robot market, with more than 36,000 robots purchased, surpassing Japan, the United States and Germany. The growth of the robotics industry requires successive breakthroughs in the fields of industrial servo and integrated control. At present, my country is still in the stage of waiting for breakthroughs in industrial servo and other fields, and there is huge room for future development.

   At present, foreign brands account for nearly 75% of the market share of China's industrial servo motor market, and the brand market mainly comes from Japan, Europe and the United States. Among them, Japanese products top the market with about 45% of the market share, and its famous brands include Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa, Sanyo, Fuji, etc. Its product features are that the technology and performance level are more in line with the needs of Chinese users, with a good price/performance ratio. And high reliability has obtained a stable and continuous source of customers, especially in the small and medium OEM market has a monopoly advantage. Although the proportion of domestic servo systems in the market is relatively low, the domestic brand servo systems have also developed rapidly in recent years and have gained certain market recognition.

Domestic industrial servo systems are far from foreign brands in technology and performance, and product quality and stability cannot be the same as foreign brands, but domestic servo system manufacturers provide low-cost servos for small and medium-sized manufacturing and processing enterprises. The products and fast and quick after-sales service meet the needs of economic enterprise users. However, servo motors are in an industry with high-tech content after all, so manufacturers must continue to strengthen R&D investment and R&D capabilities in order to continue to enhance their core competitiveness.

   Aiming at hot topics and innovative design solutions in the industrial control industry, Big Bit Information Agency will hold the first "embedded and industrial control IC innovation and application seminar" in December this year to provide a platform for industrial control industry engineers to discuss professional technology. At that time, the organizer will invite a number of embedded and industrial control product solution providers from home and abroad to bring wonderful speeches and product displays on topics such as inverters, industrial servo motors, industrial instrumentation, industrial power supplies, and robot control technology.

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