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Selection of manipulator suction cup accessories
Date: 2020-10-20 11:58:18

What is the name of the vacuum suction cup installation accessories


   Vacuum suction cup installation accessories have many names because they are not unified, such as fittings, suction cup holders, suction cup rods, suction cup connectors, suction cup buffer seats, and so on.


   Types and selection methods of vacuum suction cup mounting accessories


There are three main types of vacuum suction cup installation accessories: 1. Fixed type for general requirements; 2. Spring type with spring buffer function to prevent damage to the suction tool and use when increasing the stroke volume; 3. Anti-rotation type in the buffer mechanism On the basis, there are accessories with anti-return function. Used to maintain the position of the adsorbent. In addition, you can also control remote head type and rail type accessories.


  Vacuum suction cup installation accessories interface direction type selection 1. The longitudinal interface interface is located on the upper part of the accessory. 2. Horizontal interface The interface is located on the side of the accessory. Which specifications are available for the vacuum suction cup mounting accessory interface connector? Choose the size of the interface and the diameter of the piping. The size of the interface is M5 and M3 commonly used standard screws, which can be used to replace quick connectors, pagoda-shaped connectors and other connectors.

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