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Maintenance of vertical milling machine
Date: 2020-10-20 11:57:48


  1. Pre-shift maintenance

   (1) Before driving, check whether each oil pool is short of oil, and use clean engine oil for one refueling as shown in the lubrication diagram.

   (2) Check whether the appearance and function of the power switch are good, and whether the grounding device is complete.

   (3) Check whether the screws, images, handles, handballs and oil cups of all parts are loose or missing. If found, they should be tightened and supplemented in time.

   (4) Check the condition of the drive belt.

   (5) Check whether the electrical safety device is in good condition.

  2. In-class maintenance

   (1) Observe the sensitivity, reliability, temperature rise, sound and vibration of motors and electrical appliances.

   (2) Check the sensitivity and reliability of electrical safety equipment.

   (3) Observe the temperature rise, sound direction and vibration of each transmission component.

   (4) Check the working conditions of the plunger oil pump in the bed and the lifting platform at all times. When the machine tool is running and there is no oil flowing out of the indicator, it should be repaired in time.

   (5) It is found that there is a gap between the axial clearance of the longitudinal screw of the worktable and the transmission, and it should be adjusted according to the instructions.

   (6) Adjustment of spindle bearing.

   (7) The adjustment of the clutch for rapid movement of the worktable.

   (8) Adjustment of the tightness of the transmission belt.

  3. After-shift maintenance

   After work, the equipment must be inspected and cleaned, and daily maintenance work must be done. Put all operating handles (switches) in neutral (zero position) and open the power switch to achieve orderliness, cleanliness, lubrication and safety.

  Regular maintenance

  1. Clean the inside of the bed, the inside of the lifting platform and the lubricating oil pool of the base of the workbench every 3 months, and clean the oil net of the lubricating oil pump with gasoline, no less than twice a year.

  2. The lifting screw is lubricated with aluminum disulfide oil every two months.

  3. Adjustment of the gap between the various parts of the machine tool:

   (1) The adjustment of spindle lubrication must ensure that a drop of oil passes through every minute.

(2) The adjustment of the transmission gap of the longitudinal screw of the workbench is adjusted every 3 months or according to the actual use. The requirement is that the transmission gap is fully reduced, the gap of the screw does not exceed 1/40 revolutions, and the total length is at the same time. There must be no jams.

  (3) The purpose of adjusting the axial clearance of the working and longitudinal screw is to eliminate the transmission gap between the screw and the nut, and at the same time to minimize the fit gap between the screw and the worktable in the axial direction.

   (4) The adjustment of the radial clearance of the spindle bearing should be adjusted according to the actual conditions of use.

  4. Adjustment requirements for the fast moving clutch of the worktable

   (1) When the friction clutch is disengaged, the total clearance between the friction plates should not be less than 2~3mm.

   (2) When the friction clutch is closed, the friction plate should be tightly pressed, and the iron core of the electromagnet should be fully tightened. If the iron core of the electromagnet is matched correctly, the electromagnet will not make a noise in the tensioned state.

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