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Wind power giants sit on the market and talk about the future
Date: 2020-10-20 11:57:28


  A few days ago, the Beijing International Wind Energy Conference was held as scheduled. Compared with previous years, there are fewer wind energy companies participating in the exhibition, and there are few huge advertisements. However, walking around in various venues, it is obvious that the enthusiasm of the audience is higher, and the demands of exhibitors have become more clear, which has come to prove themselves. Those who are still alive, those who are full of energy and focus on the promotion of new products, and those who are going all out to guide market demand.

And here, there are those who won the applause for the first time at the exhibitor, those who were bustling in the past but were left out in front of the door today, and even those who were determined to end up in the clouds, and even those who made a comeback after the ups and downs. .

   The crowds at various press conferences are certainly exciting, but those that disappeared are even more embarrassing.

   What’s even more interesting is that, compared with the calmness of previous years, this year’s dialogue is full of "burdens" and inadvertently even hidden murderous opportunities, especially in the most prestigious forums for wind power manufacturers. There are many old faces that have been sticking to here for many years, but more are fresh faces. In the collision, they are either steadily mature or high-spirited. These helmsmen who are fighting in the wind power market have become more distinctive. Swords, swords, shadows, and bloody winds spread out in front of you.

   What can be more respectful than the original presentation?

  Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. President Wang Haibo: Our confusion over the past two years

The production, manufacturing and delivery process of the wind power industry is very far from many traditional industries, especially the automotive industry. We are also challenging this matter to improve the company’s operational efficiency; in such a market with ever-changing needs, how to make parts and components The quality has stabilized-this is the challenge we have faced in the past two years.

   The National Energy Administration has recently issued several policies, which I think are very good for the development of the industry. The first one is about the quota system. After years of deliberation, a discussion draft was finally issued, which is a "constitution" that guarantees the wind power industry as a national strategic energy source. The second one is about wind turbine certification specifications, which is very helpful for the long-term development of the industry. The wind power industry has always had some vicious accidents in recent years. The main problem is whether the industry design specifications are strictly followed during the design process and whether the certification meets the requirements of the specifications. Without these certifications, customers, investors, and banks as creditors have no corresponding legal basis-this is also a milestone event.

   There is another issue about the handover of the warranty period. Whether it is for customers or enterprises, this standard is a basis and is very good for the development of the industry. As for the possibility of the National Development and Reform Commission lowering the price of wind power, I have this point of view: the introduction of any system is aimed at ensuring the healthy development of the industry. Wind power is a new type of thing that the country has encouraged and placed on a strategic level many times. The policies issued by any organization should not conflict with strategy.

   Bo Fei, President of Vestas Asia Pacific China: It’s time to change

  In China, we still pay attention to the installed capacity and hope to achieve the maximum installed capacity at the lowest cost. At the same time, we will pay more attention to the use of wind power to contribute to the sustainable development of China's energy. To do this, we must bring the latest technology to China, and we will also introduce some new products to the Chinese market.

   There are different types of customers in China’s wind power market, including traditional Guodian, provincial enterprises, governments, public partnerships, private investors, etc. Their entry has made the wind power market more mature. The needs of each customer group are different, so we are also establishing a new and more flexible service portfolio to meet the needs of customers from the complete machine, risk sharing to parts and other services.

   Vestas products are mainly for high-speed and medium-speed wind speeds. We have a very strong strength in this regard. However, China's installed capacity is faster than any other country, especially at low and ultra-low wind speeds. Therefore, our products must expand from high and medium wind speeds to low and ultra-low wind speeds. Our new strategy is the V110-2 MW and V100-2 MW models. In addition, we have also brought to the market expertise in operation and maintenance and services, which has actually formed a very complete industrial chain. From myself to our employees, including our CEO and board of directors, I hope to bring Vestas' best things to the market. I don't want to comment on my predecessors, but they did not do very well in this regard. Now we hope to be able to change, and it is time to change.

   Chu Jingchun, general manager of Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd.: Simultaneous development of the system inside and outside

   Since its establishment in 2007 to the present, United Power has gone through 7 years of history. Until 2011, our wind turbines were mainly supplied to Guodian Group. Since then, with the expansion of production capacity, this year the supply of fans in our system accounted for 60%, and the supply of fans outside the system accounted for 40%. The colleagues in the industry may always think that United Power's wind turbines are used for their own homes, but the actual data is not like this. United Power has experienced a rapid development stage in recent years.

  As a market-oriented enterprise, facing domestic and overseas is the inevitable choice of United Power. In the early stage of development, we had the support of Guodian Group, coupled with the limited production capacity and other factors, supplying the group is inevitable. With the development of the company, this year, United Power may double its shipments on the basis of last year; the market demand has increased, which is not only the needs of Guodian itself, but also the needs of many wind power investors outside the system.

   In the future, the joint power will be both inside and outside the system. This is the need for the internal development of a market-oriented enterprise, and there is no other choice. The owners in the system are the same as those outside the system. For our business units that are independent legal persons, we all have to provide products with superior performance, reliable quality, good service, and market demand.

   Zhang Lei, general manager of Envision Energy Technology Co., Ltd.: We hope to be subverted

   Let's take a look at the solar energy industry. The cost of a one-watt solar panel was US$100 in 1970, US$6 in 2008, and US$0.6 in 2013. If the cost of solar panels is reduced by another 90% in another five years, what will happen to the energy pattern? This is the typical Moore's Law. By 2020, the cost of solar energy is very likely to be much lower than the cost of wind power and coal. At the same time, don’t forget that energy storage batteries are also being developed. What will happen in 5 or 10 years? At that time, with very low-cost solar panels, coupled with very low-cost energy storage batteries, every industrial and commercial enterprise will be self-sufficient. What will the country think at this time? Is it still necessary for you to engage in wind power? Is there any need to do this at sea? This is the worry of the future.

  We have been wondering whether it is possible to follow a Moore curve in the wind energy industry. Therefore, we have done something very different in this regard, and we hope to be able to subvert it. Just like in 2009, we were the first to think about whether the blades of a 1.5 MW wind turbine could be 87 meters long. Why do we make smart fans? Why do we need to make a partial pitch at sea and make the blades like airplane blades? How can we provide a free software platform for this industry, so that wind power operators, investors, asset managers, and supporting companies can use this platform to continuously reduce costs-this is what we are thinking about, using the spirit of the Internet To revolutionize the cost of wind power.

   I am still full of confidence in wind power, and the market is becoming more and more rational. Regardless of whether the fossil energy era will end or not, the prerequisite for its end is definitely not that fossil energy is used up. Just like the end of the Stone Age, it is not that the stones are used up, but that a more shocking technology has appeared, that is, bronze. When we pay attention to wind power technology, we must first see whether there are new technologies that are disrupting the industry. At the same time, if practitioners dare not break through conventions, how can we truly achieve technological innovation and pursue tirelessly?

   Zhang Qiying, Chief Technology Officer of Guangdong Mingyang Wind Power Industry Group Co., Ltd.: Perseverance will surely succeed

The current environment is like this: firstly, resources are becoming scarcer; secondly, there are uncertainties in national policies. For example, the electricity price of offshore wind power was previously said to be 0.85 yuan, and then it was 0.75 yuan; in addition, we discussed the issue of quality assurance with the developer. After the discussion, no agreement was reached, and no consensus was formed on the system and quality.

  These have also brought uncertainty to our financiers and banks-is their confidence still there? In this case, how to maintain the sustainable development of wind energy in the era of low electricity prices. This first requires a clear understanding of the role of renewable energy and wind energy in the country's energy structure in the future. In addition, after all, wind energy is more expensive than conventional energy and can be supported for a period of time, but it cannot be sustained for a long time. Therefore, it must be low-cost, and the effective solution lies in innovation.

   In the past 7 years, China Wind Energy has traversed the 30-year history of European wind energy and has made a relatively beautiful curve overtaking. Today, we are at the forefront of the world, how can we keep the wind turbines developing? This requires in-depth and all-round innovation by grasping the characteristics of the industry. After all, we are not an IT industry, but a mass-manufactured machine manufacturing industry. For long-term sustainable development, we must make wind turbines lighter and lower in cost. We started the SCD project in 2008. After 6 years of development, the investment is very large and the time is relatively long, but it is very gratifying that it is currently very good whether it is at sea or on land. Next, we will launch two-blade models at sea and in typhoon areas. At the same time, we will also introduce solutions for low wind speed and ultra-low wind speed.

   I think the main spirit is persistence and perseverance. I appreciate a word, stick to it, and you will succeed.

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