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The Road to China's Manufacturing Industry: Machine Substitution
Date: 2020-10-20 11:56:51


  In the exploration and practice of a century of industrial civilization, mankind has ushered in a new era of the information age. Looking back on the history of manufacturing, from Watt’s invention of the steam engine, to Ford’s Model T and the first automobile assembly line, the rapid development of the manufacturing industry has met the increasing needs of mankind and provided material for greatly improving the standard of living of mankind. Base. At the same time, it should also be noted that the industrialization development process so far is mainly based on the large consumption of non-renewable resources, and the large amount of pollution generated during the production and consumption process has sacrificed the living environment of human beings and has led to the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry. The issue has become the focus of current attention. Among them, the manufacturing industry is still the pillar and leading industry of the national economy. How to make the development of the manufacturing industry gradually eliminate existing problems on the basis of the achievements in accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept, and the realization of sustainable development is urgent and urgent for us. Sharp task.

   "Machine substitution" can enhance the development momentum of the intelligent equipment industry. Intelligent manufacturing is rooted in the research of artificial intelligence. It is generally believed that intelligence is the sum of knowledge and intelligence. The former is the foundation of intelligence. The latter is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge to solve. Since the 1980s, the research of artificial intelligence has developed from the discussion of general laws of thinking to the research direction centered on knowledge. Various expert systems with different functions and different types have emerged one after another, and "knowledge engineering" has appeared. New ideas, and began to be used in manufacturing systems.

  In recent years, machine substitutions have been put into manufacturing production. Not only must they be flexible, but they must also show intelligence. Otherwise, it will be difficult to handle a large amount of complex information workload. Secondly, the rapidly changing market demand and the fiercely competitive and complex environment also require the substitution of machines to show greater flexibility, agility and intelligence. Therefore, machine substitutions are increasingly being valued. Include this in the national development plan and vigorously promote its implementation.

  It is very important to realize intelligent automation through the development and application of machine substitution. The specific research projects selected are intelligent computers, human-machine interfaces, mechanical sensors, robot control, new devices, and system integration in a dynamic environment. For example, as the first brand of manufacturing automation and system integrator Topstar's automation solutions have been promoted and applied and demonstrated in the domestic manufacturing industry, achieving the target requirements of "reducing employees, increasing efficiency, improving quality, and ensuring safety", and further optimizing the population Structure, improve labor productivity and technological contribution rate of enterprises, cultivate new economic growth points, and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. It is not only the inevitable development of manufacturing technology, especially the development of manufacturing information technology, but also the result of the in-depth development of automation and integration technology.

   The transformation and upgrading of machine substitution from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". The intelligent manufacturing system is not only an environment for the integration of intelligence and technology, but also a carrier for the display of intelligent manufacturing modes. Compared with traditional manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing system has the following characteristics:

  1, self-discipline ability;

  2, human-machine integration;

  3, virtual reality technology;

  4. Self-organization and ultra-flexibility;

   5. Learning ability and self-maintenance ability.

Starting from this, we also say that as a model, intelligent manufacturing is a high-tech and high-tech advanced manufacturing system that integrates automation, flexibility, integration and intelligence, and is continuously developing in depth. It is also a kind of advanced manufacturing system. A human-machine integration system composed of intelligent machines and human experts, which highlights the analysis, judgment, and reasoning of human experts in a highly flexible and integrated manner in all links of manufacturing. , Conception and decision-making, replacing or extending part of the human mental work in the manufacturing environment. At the same time, collect, store, improve, share, inherit and develop the manufacturing intelligence of human experts.

   Upgrade the traditional production mode to automation and intelligence, accelerate the pace of "machine substitution", and ultimately promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" efficiently and effectively, and realize the sustainable development of China's manufacturing industry.

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