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The 2013-2014 Heli Supplier Conference ended successfully
Date: 2020-10-20 11:55:26


      In the early morning of November 8th, the sky over Heli Industrial Park was drizzling, and the flags of the flag fluttered in the wind. Heli series products such as tractors, electric storage trucks, internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, heavy forklifts, loaders, etc. were lined along the west side of Heli Avenue. The rows are particularly spectacular. In the lecture hall of the complex building, the audience was full of colorful friends and more than 100 representatives of Heli major suppliers from all over the country gathered to participate in the 2013-2014 joint supplier conference with the theme of "improving the quality of cooperation and win-win future development". Company leaders such as Zhang Dejin, Yang Anguo, Xue Bai, Li Jixiang, Xu Lin, Du Yunfei, Ma Qingfeng, Deng Li, Zhang Yingquan, Chen Xianyou, etc. attended the conference, and the company’s research institutes, quality department, materials department and related business departments, etc. 300 Many people attend the meeting. The general manager of the group company Yang Anguo presided over the meeting.

   In the warm applause, Zhang Dejin, chairman of the group, delivered a speech entitled "Deepening Strategic Cooperation and Winning a Bright Future" at the meeting. He expressed his sincere welcome to the attending suppliers and his sincere gratitude to the participating suppliers for their long-term care and support for joint development. He pointed out that with the development of the domestic macroeconomic situation, rational growth and low-speed growth will become the new normal for the development of the national economy for a period of time in the future. Hope that the majority of suppliers and joint efforts will work together to improve together. Regarding how to make a difference in the new normal environment and how to maintain sustained and steady development in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading, he emphasized that first, we must pay more attention to the innovation of enterprise product technology and process technology; second, we must pay more attention to the level of corporate management. Promotion; Third, we must pay more attention to the organic integration of informatization and business; Fourth, we must pay more attention to the coordination and cooperation of complete machines, parts and sales systems; Fifth, we must adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation, act in accordance with systems, procedures and rules, and jointly create a style A clean and positive environment for cooperation.

   At the meeting, Xue Bai, general manager of Anhui Heli, made a keynote speech. Focusing on the theme of "improving the quality of cooperation and win-win future development", he introduced the development of Heli in the past two years and its prospects for the future, and made comments on the construction of supplier management system, the improvement of quality control capabilities, the research and development of new products, and the group procurement. New goals and requirements have been put forward. Ma Qingfeng, chief engineer of Anhui Heli, made a special speech combining the company's technology development strategy, 2013-2014 overall quality strategy and development situation. General Manager Yang Anguo announced the list of suppliers who won the Excellent Supplier Award, Quality Award, New Product Development Award, and Quality Service Award. Company leaders such as Zhang Dejin presented awards to representatives of their award-winning suppliers. Part of the award-winning supplier representatives made speeches at the meeting. 

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