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Principle of thread rolling machine
Date: 2020-10-20 11:54:51

The principle of thread rolling is to use the plasticity of metal to roll the formed semi-finished products to meet the required thread specifications. It is characterized by direct pressing and forming without waste, low cost, high efficiency, high finish and uniform precision, and its output is high in strength compared to cutting processing. The basic conditions of the tooth rolling work: two parallel tooth plates, with the length of the static tooth plate Ls as the standard, the length of which is more than 20 times the diameter of the workpiece, but not more than 35 times. The workpiece is in the process of rolling. The number of rotations in the tooth plate should not be less than 6 for the wood screw, and the machine screw should not be less than 4. If the number of rotations is insufficient, the processed object will be forced to form an elliptical or abnormal deformation, which will affect the material structure and Mechanical properties.

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