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Riveting machine
Date: 2020-10-20 11:49:37

The riveting machine is a very simple machine. According to the structure, it can be divided into many types, including desktop, horizontal, rotary and so on.

   But whether it is a fully automatic riveting machine, a luggage riveting machine or a handbag riveting machine, the principles are the same. They are all set to move the object to the riveting point, and then the riveting process is completed by the riveting machine.

We can regard the displacement of any object as the result of moving in three directions. The x and y axes control the left and right and front and back, and the z axis controls the up and down. A basic CNC structure is determined. CNC riveting machines generally have A zero point can also be called a reference point. Using this point as a benchmark, we need to number and coordinate the points that need to be riveted. This process is necessary. Where are these points and what are their heights? After inputting the coordinates of these points, the program of the CNC riveting machine can be operated. The operation of the machine will be under the control of the program to drive the work to the first point we input, and riveting at this position. The object should be just below the axis of the riveting head. At this time, the equipment must be aligned with the coordinate, that is, the height is calculated, and the riveting feed is determined. After all preparations are continued, the equipment can start riveting.

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